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Some of you might remember the launch of my prints and paper goodie's shop back in February. I am excited to announce that the second part of my shop is ready to see the light of the screens as well – My screen printed line!!

Actually, this was my original idea for my shop, to design, print and sell bags, tea towels, and pillows. But after researching several places to have my fabric products screen-printed I realized that it was not going to happen unless I did it myself (my idea at first was to just outsource the printing) So I put my big girl pants, did a bunch of research and decided to invest with Ryonet and purchase all the necessary tools and materials to make my dream products.

I am beyond excited because I've been planning/designing/testing and learning so much to be able to do this =] I secretly wanted to be able to screen print ever since I discovered what it was, so having the tools and the excuse to actually pursuit one of my dreams makes me extremely happy.

It's kind of funny that making this makes SO excited, but since eventually, I want to start printing my own fabrics, my excitement is so big because I know that I'm getting closer to actually do that =]

I am working on listing the totes, tea towels and pillows I've already made this next week, my plan was to be able to do this a few weeks ago, but I spent way too much time sick with a cold, and between feeling crappy and taking care of a super energetic little baby, my productivity was at minimum levels.

Also on other news, my awesome husband helped me move down to my studio (I spent all winter two floors up at our dining room table) so if you follow me on Instagram, you can see a little peek of how the studio is coming together, so now I can create, make and be inspired all at the same place! I'm hoping to finish all the little projects I have pending so I can reveal my studio in the next month or two.

Also a couple of weeks ago it was our 3rd wedding anniversary and Conner turned 6 months, all in the same day =] It seems that our “life” number is the 11th because our legal beach ceremony was November 11th, our Wedding celebration was April 11th, and Conner's birthday was October 11th – The funny part is that we didn't really plan any of those, we realized we chose the same day for both our marriage celebrations after the fact.

And in honor of Conner being 6 months, I wanted to show a few pictures we took this morning after I finish with all my product ones.

I can't believe it's been 6 months since we had him, and to any Mom that works from home, you all have my deepest sympathy! Working with a baby is SO HARD! and naps are definitely not long enough in this house for everything I want to get done. But at the end of the day, I would not have it any other way, I am blessed that I can take a break and play with my little Peanut every time I want (actually is when HE wants) and I get to be home with him <3

I hope you are all having a great day!!
Have a safe weekend and see you next week




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Joy Kelley is a Chilean Designer & lettering Artist. Mom to 3 little boys. Crafter. Pattern lover. Color obsessed. Lemon pie dependent. And the hand behind the HowJoyful Studio & HowJoyful Shop. Read more about her & the blog here →

15 replies
  1. Joanna Orlikowska
    Joanna Orlikowska says:

    Ooooohhh, this bags are just too cool! I would love to have one :)
    And Conner is already such a big boy, I can’t believe he’s already 6 months! And yes, it’s hard to work at home with the little baby, but finally when you managed to do everything you planned (or almost everything) you are so proud of yourself :)))

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      You are so right! I get so excited whenever I do half of the things I set myself to do on an day! I’m slowly learning my “real” productivity level with Conner by my side hehe

  2. Monsterscircus
    Monsterscircus says:

    Wow it already looks like a huge succes! Love your screen prints and I’m in great need of fancy textile for our home :-) beautiful photo, what a handsome little man :-) looking forward to see more of your lovely screen prints.

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Thank you so much!!
      I am super happy to start making more things, as long as this little boy is in a good mood hehe

  3. Michele
    Michele says:

    I, in no way, need 3 tote bags but now I WANT 3 tote bags. SO cute! (the “LOVE” one is my fave)

    Congrats on the new line!

  4. Annie - The Ranting Latina
    Annie - The Ranting Latina says:

    Your Conner was born on 10/11/12? That’s sooo cool, Joy! Though in Chile, that’s more like 11/10/12, huh? (Or at least that’s how it’d be in Colombia..) But that’s still really cute.. I have such a fascination for dates like that that seem all serendipitous. I liked that you said that those (or at least the first two, obviously) weren’t planned, bc if it were up to me, I’d be the first at designing the “perfect” date.. Ha weird, I know!! I’m a planner!!

    And your screen printing motifs are beyond exquisite, girl! I’m in love with those prints. Keep it up bc real talent is hard to come by these days. You could feature your offerings at craft shows and farmers markets! :D Also, que estudio tan genial!! Y espero que te sientas mejor. Buena suerte! Xo.

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Yes! he was born on 10/11/12 and even though in chile the date reads just like in Colombia is still super cool here hehe. Muchas gracias y espero poder asistir a algunos craft shows en el verano asi que veremos como va =] un saludo grande y gracias por visitar!!

  5. Cathi carpenter
    Cathi carpenter says:

    Ok…first things first…your little one is stinkin AAHHH-dorable! I have an 11yr old boy and boy…I remember those days! It goes all too quickly!

    Second…I LOVE LOVE LOVE your art! I follow on Instagram and adore it! U have mad skills!

    Third, and most important, I cannot WAIT to buy your bags! I have at least three gift ideas in mind…not to mention for myself as well! Hahaha! Can’t wait!

    Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend!!

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Thank you so much Cathi!! you are too sweet!
      Every time I think how fast he is growing a get a little sentimental, I bet you feel the same way! it’s crazy how fast they grow!

  6. Sparks From Trivia
    Sparks From Trivia says:

    Lovely ! I like the one with sewing machine. But sure all of them are pretty :) And your little baby is so cute:)

  7. MissMary Decker
    MissMary Decker says:

    Your sweet Conner looks so well loved.

    You have so many skills that are so inspirational to the rest of us. It is kind of you to post what you do…that takes a lot of time!

    congratulations on your entries into that Felting magazine. Both your roses and your hot air balloons are exquisite.

    Your screen printed totes will sell like hot cakes! my fav is also the sewing machine!

    God bless you and your family.

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