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You might be wondering why is this place so quiet, the answer is that I've been sick =[ I spent about 2 weeks in bed and that made me be super behind on work, so up to today I've been only trying to catch up with work having absolutely no time to stop by this little blog. It makes me so sad when I can't come and play with you guys!

One cool thing was that right before I got sick I decided to upgrade to an iPhone. Ken tried to convinced me for about a year before I actually decided I wanted one, I think I refused way too long =] right? – I had a chance to play with it while in bed and I have to say I LOVE IT. Among other things, I finally joined Instagram and even tho I am still trying to figure it out, I think it's pretty awesome.

So hopefully now that I am feeling better I'll get to share some previews and stuff there, so let me know if you are on Instagram too, I am HowJoyful there =] I don't really have many pictures and most of them are of Curly but hey! he's a very cute subject.

* * * * * * * *

On another note, even though the news of Google discontinuing Google Friend Connect has been all over the blog world for quite some time now. I wanted to share my frustration and sadness about it, as of March 1st they stopped the support for all non-Blogger blogs, so what does that mean for HowJoyful? Since I use WordPress the little widget on my sidebar (the white box below my ad) that used to say “follow this blog” is will no longer work (I just still have not erased it hoping Google will change their minds – hopeful thinking never hurts), but that is not really what makes me sad/mad, it's the fact that everyone that used to get updated to their readers via Google Friend Connect will not longer get it.

I was actually super happy to almost reach 1,000 readers on GFC and I wanted to celebrate it with something special (GFC was about 1/4 of my total audience so it is a pretty big deal to me), but that same week I heard for the first time that Google decided to eliminate Google Friend connect along with a few other Google services that are not very popular (it was pretty late already, I could have tryed to write a post to warn everyone before they stopped delivering updates, but I've been so out of the loop while sick). Right now Google is recommending to create Google+ Pages and add their widget, but keeping up with yet another page/social media and start from scratch will be hard, I just don't know if it will be worth the effort.

My readers are super important to me, I know that if you bother to read my blog there is something I must be doing right. I just treasure each one of you, so I just can't get over the fact that every blog that is not hosted with Blogger will not be able to use GFC anymore, I kind of understand that Google is protecting their own blogs, but their solution could and should have been better than just say “start all over with Google+ pages”.

I am so sad I have no way to let all of those readers about this change =[ so I just really hope some of them will visit, realize that they are not getting the updates and re-subscribe… ( what a pain for all of them!) And just in case you are one of them and are reading this post, there are a lot of other ways to get updates when a new post is published:

Anyways, enough with the GFC issue because I am very excited to be back and feeling better =] I hope you guys missed me! because I sure did =] I know I still owe a few tutorials I showed the previews for, so I'll try to post them soon (I have so many half done post drafts right now… but I'm working on it!) I've missed you all so much!
I hope you all have a lovely day!



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11 replies
  1. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    First of all, I’m happy you’re feeling better, Joy! I have definately missed you! Good job choosing the iphone! I have one too and I’m also a huge fan of instagram (username: kathygub)! I realy love the way to tune the photographs and sharing them with other ig-ers!

    About the google-stuff: I still get your updates through the blogger-feed! Even though your blog is wordpress :)

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Just added you on Instagram =] and that’s good to know that you are getting the updates, gives me hope that maybe others will too!

  2. Chacoy
    Chacoy says:

    Oh man, I am so sorry to hear that you have been under the weather but so delighted that you are feeling better!
    I follow on Facebook as well as subscribe via RSS Feed so I am good to go!
    Looking forward to more photos of Curly & of course your fantastic posts:)

  3. Fernanda de Pinho
    Fernanda de Pinho says:

    Hello Joy,

    I’m from Brazil and a great fan of your work.

    I wish I could do the crafts like you, but i’m not that patience.

    I sorry to hear about you health, but i’m also happy to know that you’re feeling better now!

    I hope you get totaly recover pretty soon, so you can keep teaching craft’s to others, like me, and make the word a much beautiful place.



  4. Rosario
    Rosario says:

    So happy you are feeling better!! claro que te extrañamos, I for sure did, welcome back :)

  5. conni
    conni says:

    Oh! I didn’t know about GFC being dicontinued! When does that happen? I am still getting updates from you.

    Hoping you are feeling better! You are far ahead of me on the technology thing (I still have a flip phone, no text, no internet, etc)! That puppy is such a cutie!

  6. Sara
    Sara says:

    Joy! I’m so glad that you’re starting to feel better! Congrats on your iPhone! I want one, and hope to get one soon! I can’t wait to join Instagram too :) I had no idea that GFC was being disconnected! I’m so sorry to hear it! I kept thinking I needed to get onboard with it! I guess not anymore! Thank you soooo much for fixing up my links today! Feel better!!!!! xo

  7. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    Yes you were missed, glad you’re feeling feeling better, congrats on your phone ad Im sorry about the GFC! The important thing is your back and I look forward to your future posts. Take care and hope to see things back normal what ever that is lol.

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