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Today I am going to share the last felt pattern for my flower roundup, a lovely rose =]

For this flower, I tied to make the pattern as easy to cut as possible, so I simplified the petals as much as possible. Remember that you can also make this with paper!

Oh! and remember to scroll all the way to the bottom to download the pattern!

Learn how to make a rose out of felt with @howjoyful's FREE pattern

Learn how to make a rose out of felt with @howjoyful's FREE pattern

Learn how to make a rose out of felt with @howjoyful's FREE pattern

Learn how to make a rose out of felt with @howjoyful's FREE pattern

Learn how to make a rose out of felt with @howjoyful's FREE pattern

Learn how to make a rose out of felt with @howjoyful's FREE pattern

Learn how to make a rose out of felt with @howjoyful's FREE pattern

Learn how to make a rose out of felt with @howjoyful's FREE pattern

I am also very excited because for the first time I made a video tutorial, sadly Ken had the video camera so I had to make the video with my laptop, so I am sorry if I am a little far – I tried!! Next time I will practice and with the tripod and camera, I am sure it will be easier.


list of materials

  1. Your color choice of felt (I used 3 9″x12″sheets in different colors, and used a little bit more than half for each flower)
  2. Thread, needle, and scissors
  3. Hot glue gun (in case you don't want to sew it)

⇊ Scroll all the way to the bottom to download the pattern ⇊



Just like the other flower patterns, I shared before, in the Downloadable file you will find 4 different sizes, but in this case, you will need to make 2 layers of petals (pattern 1) if you decide to go with the smaller petal option you can just use one (pattern 4)



purple felt rose

You can see the pieces you will need to make one rose in the image above. For the instructions, you can just see the video at the end of the post.


Learn how to make a rose out of felt with @howjoyful's FREE pattern

Learn how to make a rose out of felt with @howjoyful's FREE pattern

Learn how to make a rose out of felt with @howjoyful's FREE pattern

Learn how to make a rose out of felt with @howjoyful's FREE pattern

Learn how to make a rose out of felt with @howjoyful's FREE pattern


list of materials

  1. Your color choice of felt (I used 3 9″x12″sheets in different colors, and used a little bit more than half for each flower)
  2. Thread, needle, and scissors
  3. Hot glue gun


The pattern is a PDF file, the link goes direclty to Dropbox, but you don't need an account to view it, you will need Abobe Reader or a similar program once the file is downloaded.


Here is the instructions video. If you can't see it, go to Howjoyful Rose how-to on Vimeo.

Ps. You can also make them with a hot glue gun instead, it all depends on what you want to use the rose for, I wanted mine to be able to wash in the washing machine, so that is why I sewed it.

I hope you all enjoy and let me know if you make some of these! I will be showing you how I ended up using all my flowers soon =] Have a great day!

purple felt rose




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  1. Beth
    Beth says:

    SO, so adorable! I am always amazed at your tutorials – you’re such a talented crafter. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anni
    Anni says:

    I think this are my favorites – I loved your video, great job for the first one! It’s so cool to put a real voice to your face :)

  3. Rika Daniel
    Rika Daniel says:

    it’s so beautiful! I will need this for my birthday dress :) thanks so much Joy! :)

  4. creativejewishmom/sara
    creativejewishmom/sara says:

    love, love love these roses! And I’d be so happy to see you contribute some of your flowers on my international linking party, Craft Schooling Sunday.

  5. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    Those roses are so beautiful!!! I’m thankful that you have such a detailed pattern with instructions! I’m going to make some for my sister’s birthday and make them into hair clips. Thank you!

  6. Sherry
    Sherry says:

    I just finished sewing a pink rose following your instructions ^^ It’s not as pretty as yours but it’s not too bad for a first try either :P

  7. Edna
    Edna says:

    I love the roses. I am going to dress up some tee shirts. Don’t know what else.. Love it. thank you.

  8. Léa Salomoni
    Léa Salomoni says:

    Obrigada por compartlhar esta flor maravilhosa.
    Receba meu abraço de gratidão.

  9. melanie
    melanie says:

    I’d love to try this but sadly my computer has problems with videos a lot of the time. If possible do you think you could write out a step-by-step tutorial for this one?

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Hi Melanie, I am sorry your computer has issues with video, maybe you can try to watch it at someone else’s computer? I don’t think I will be making this tutorial again, I’m sorry.
      I hope you have a lovely day!

  10. Donna Godfrey
    Donna Godfrey says:

    I LOVE all your felt flowers!
    Thanks so much for sharing. I am going to cut some out now. I think I will add them to my tea pot cover. Thanks again!

  11. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Your puppy is adorable! Thank you for the tutorial. I’m going to use it to make a halloween flower arrangement.



  13. Hieu
    Hieu says:

    thank you very much for your very detail tutorial. I will try to make some for my daughter. she must love it very much, thank again.

  14. Atlantisetta
    Atlantisetta says:

    I was looking for a pattern to make some white feltroses for a winterwreath. These are the most beautiful feltroses I´ve found.
    Thank you very much für sharing.

  15. Taya
    Taya says:

    Thank you so much i have been looking everywhere for a good flower like that

    (p.s your dog is soooooooo cute)

  16. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    Oh I love this! What a great tutorial, my little sister would love a little rose like this!

  17. Melody R.
    Melody R. says:

    I am so going out and buying me some felt. How absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing with us all.

  18. Marc
    Marc says:

    Wow! Great tutorial. I’m trying to plan some romantic fun for my wife for Valentine’s Day and this is a perfect addition to my plans! Thank you so much for sharing it.

  19. Jude
    Jude says:

    I’m a total beginner, but even my first flower turned out great! Thank you for the patterns and instructional video:D

  20. Charmaine
    Charmaine says:

    Love this tutorial as well as the other felt flower tutorials. Will definitely be making these! Thanks for sharing your talents with everyone!

  21. Andrea Hatch
    Andrea Hatch says:

    Thank you, Joy. I have been wanting to make some felt roses for my living room and this is the best resource I’ve found.

  22. maria helena baesteiro
    maria helena baesteiro says:

    Amei vou tentar faser agora mesmo obrigada amiga por compartilhar com a gente beijos.

  23. julie
    julie says:

    I did a google image search for felt flowers and noticed these beautiful roses right away. I was struggling on my own and was pleasantly surprised to see a tutorial and pattern. How sweet of you to share this and the video is great Love the doggy cameo. :) Thanks so much!!

  24. Stanislava
    Stanislava says:

    I love to make hairclips for my little daughter and I want them to be different every time.I was so pleased when i found your amazing roses.They are very inspiring and i made some for my little treasure.Thank you for sharing this flowers to us :)

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      I have not tried these flowers with duct tape, but I don’t see why it should not work, just be careful when gluing with hot glue because some pieces are small, good luck!

  25. Emilia
    Emilia says:

    I saw these on eBay where there are charging alot of money for these same felt roses. Just beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing I really appreciate it!

  26. Emilia
    Emilia says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to say that your puppy is so cute…I have two of my own just like yours…God Bless and thanks again!

  27. Peg Patricia
    Peg Patricia says:

    In your video you use three pieces but the pattern only has two. Where is the pattern for the third piece?

  28. Priscilla Flores
    Priscilla Flores says:

    ¡Muchas gracias por compartir el tutorial y hasta el patrón! Definitivamente las rosas más hermosas que he visto. <3

  29. Sorcha Burgess
    Sorcha Burgess says:

    thanks i needed these flowers for ,my 1950 style dress i need to make for my GCSE work thanks again!!!

  30. Sara
    Sara says:

    Love your blog Joy!
    I was thinking of making a picture for my wall, but then I looked around in here, and after seeing your flowers I took a little box with a glass shield in, and then put four flowers in there and hang that on my wall instead.

    I’m telling you Joy, people love it! It really looks cute, and it’s refreshing diffrent instead of just another painting. :D

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You’re helping me being more creative. :)

    Sara. :)

  31. Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse
    [email protected] says:

    Thanks a lot! I wanted a felt rose on my Hallowe’en wreath and couldn’t find one the right colour! Thanks to you, I made my first rose all by myself last night! It’s not perfect, but it was the first one! Thanks! If I show it on my blog, I will link back to your post!
    By the way, the cats tried to interfere with my work, just like your dog did, which made me laugh!

  32. Joanna
    Joanna says:

    These roses are so pretty I’d like to try to do some for Christmas presents! (we’ll see if I’ll be successful with that…) I’m not very experienced with felt so I have a question. There are two kinds of felt – 1mm and 2 mm thick (I don’t now how it is in iches…) – could you say which one is better?
    Thank you!

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      I would definitely suggest the 2mm as long as you dont have problems cutting it, if the felt is thicker it will hold the shape of the flower better =] wishing you good luck with your Christmas presents!

  33. D0tted
    D0tted says:

    Found this on Pintrest.
    I made one and WOW! I soooooo love it.
    I looked for all kinds of felt roses and your is the best of what I found.
    I used Silicon Liquid glue instead of sewing. and plain ole poly felt. I can only get the cheap stuff where I’m at.
    Beautiful and easy.

  34. Katie
    Katie says:

    Thank you for the tutorial! I just wanted to share that I cut the tops of the petals a little differently, added a couple more stitches, and wrapped it a bit looser (the extra stitches hold it together) and made a really pretty gardenia for my maid of honor’s sash! I even used the same concept to make big leaves for it. I think she will really love it – gardenias were her mother’s favorite flower and it will be so unique! Thank you!!

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Oh wow that sounds super cute! I would love to see a picture if you take one! I’m so happy this helped you =] have a lovely day!

  35. Lydietta Piti
    Lydietta Piti says:

    I am impressed, they are a few precious roses!! I like so much that I am going to do them for my bridal’s bouquet. If you are interested in it I can show you a photo when I list this one. Thank you very much for sharing this tutorial

  36. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for the great tutorial! I wanted to add some felt flowers to my wreath and although these were more complex than others– they were so worth it! Really really beautiful and nothing I would have come up with on my own. I ended up sewing one and gluing the others–both methods worked great. Love them!!

  37. Naomi
    Naomi says:

    these are amazing just made these and the Camellia flowers, simple, but have a big impact, I am going to make them into hair clips for my daughter to ware in her hair.

  38. di
    di says:

    I work at a place called Rosie’s and want to make some for the employees for Valentine’s Day –so cool. Thanks

  39. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Hello! these are lovely! I was thinking bigger roses could be made to be a cushion for my room. Do you think that would be a good idea?

  40. Geórgia
    Geórgia says:

    Hello Joy!
    Well, thanks for your tutorial, the roses came out just perfect!
    We’ll teach them to a group of women here in Brazil, it’s a volunteer work, I’m sure they will love it!
    Could you pls let us know how you ended up using them? We would like to show them…
    Thanks again for your beautiful work!
    kisses from Brazil!

  41. Lee
    Lee says:

    Hi Joy, Fabulous…I’ll be makeing these to put on top of a hand made plastic canvis wedding favior box, for my son’s up comeing wedding…Very sweet of you to show us all how you make them and the pattern…A huge Thankyou, from a life time crafter…When I’ve made them if you want, I’ll send ya a picture…Thanks again, Lee

  42. Mari
    Mari says:

    Hello Joy!

    I like so much these roses, they are so cute!

    I’ve tried to download the pattern because I’d like to make some of them, but it doesn’t work :(

    I just met your blog yesterday, and I loved it; it’s great. I’ve read almost the half blog!! I like your designs, all of them!

    Belated congratulations for Conner Mateo!!


  43. Mara
    Mara says:

    These roses are beautiful, and I appreciate the pattern, but could you give some insight in to how you are cutting them? It took me a very long time to cut the paper part out, and even longer on felt. The little tedious spaces between petals are pretty much impossible on the felt, and even cutting finicky little squiggly tops of petals doesn’t come out very visible in the felt (which makes me more inclined to just cut strips the right length and freehand cut the petals, they look just about the same without the gaps between them and the squiggly petals). I used a sharp pair of sewing scissors – tried a rotary cutter briefly when it was taking very long, but the cutter can’t do those small spaces or squiggles or tight curves at all, so that was worse. I was going to try the camelia flower next, but for the life of me can’t figure out how I’ll neatly cut the center part out, especially when it gets down to the teeny tiny ones.

    Not only that, but when I take the cut out piece of paper and pin it to my felt, there’s no way to position pins such that they’re not in the way of some part I need to cut, so I had to reposition them many times. Those both wore the paper out quicker because I punched extra holes in it, and also made it time consuming to keep lining everything up again.

  44. Christy
    Christy says:

    I think your tutorial was SO helpful! I do things much better when I can see them being done,,, you definitely made it look easy :) We just had our first little girl in January, so I am going to attempt to make dozens and dozens of these roses for a DIY wisteria roses mobile for our sweet girl’s room. I’m planning on putting some light catching beads or charms or something inbetween and under the roses to give it a little bling… Thank you again for such a great tutorial!

  45. Flo
    Flo says:

    Thank you for your generosity, in sharing video and pattern. I’m sure it will bring much joy to so many people! God bless you.

  46. di
    di says:

    I made these for people I work with at a restaurant called “Rosie’s” and they were a big hit. I made 8 in 8 different colors and let people pick the color they liked. They turned out just like the picture – wonderful directions and pictures. Many thanks!!

  47. Evelyn
    Evelyn says:

    I made 3 roses and I like them very much. What did you made with al the roses? Any ideas?
    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  48. evie
    evie says:

    Great tutorial! I’m new to felt craft, but found it really easy to follow – fab templates.

    Just made two as Xmas gifts – have also added some leaves underneath :)

    best wishes from the UK! x

  49. Patti
    Patti says:

    This is such a beautiful flower and your tutorial is great. I am unable to download the PDF for any of the felt flowers. Would you please email them to me? I would love to have the rose, camelia, and daisy. And if you can, email for the paper flower also. Thank you SOOO much! I really appreciate your talent that you share with us. Awesome, girl!

  50. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    I love your website! Very detailed and I love that you include a video showing how you make them. Your flowers are beautiful! Oh and your dog is too cute!!!!! :)

  51. Laura
    Laura says:

    These are too cute for words! Thank you for posting this, and the video and the template! Making some for my daughter, her middle name is Rose, will make perfect flowers for baby headbands! Adorbs!

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