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Check out some of the most beautiful hand-lettered quotes on the internet to inspire you – serious eye candy for lettering and calligraphy artist.

Social media (especially Instagram) can be such a great source of inspiration for lettering and calligraphy artist.

That is probably the reason why it's one of the preferred places for creatives to showcase their work, being almost a “live portfolio” where clients and readers can learn more about you, but also get to see the behind the scenes of your work and of course, the gorgeous finished pieces!

Engaging with future clients by interacting in comments, preparing beautiful pictures while building a tribe is not a small job, and it's something I've been struggling for a long time.

Finding the time to do all. the. things. and be strategic on Social media, without getting trapped in the never-ending scroll is HARD!.

So today I wanted to share one of the benefits of my scrolling: to come across some seriously beautiful pieces of lettering by big and small artist, so this post will be round-up of some hand-lettered quotes that took my breath away not just because of the quotes themselves, but for the hard work put into making each letter a beautiful piece of art.

So get ready to be seriously inspired by these 27 quotes!

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Now to the eye candy you are waiting for!



1 What we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean

I loved this quote beautifully lettered by Lisa Quine, I love the simplicity of the tools she used and the impact of the contrast. Lisa has a gorgeous Instagram feed that you can check out right here.

[ Image by Lisa Quine ]



2 Sun

While Melpomeni Chatzipanagiotou specializes more in Illustration than lettering, the pieces that do have letters are mind-blowing, this one with the word Sun is one of my favorites. Check more of Melpomeni's work here.



3 How wild it was to let it be

I absolutely love Stephanie Baxter's work, especially the pieces that have botanicals and detailed black and white work. The contrast is so powerful and her illustrations are gorgeous! This one below is one of my favorite's but I had to include a few more, check out her IG account here.

[ Image by Stephanie Baxter ]



4 Life is too short to be angry with yourself for being human

I had to include a few of Stephanie's pieces because they are so lovely, she has a very characteristic style of bold, simple flowers, paired with contrasting styles of lettering that make her pieces so eye-catching.

[ Image by Stephanie Baxter ]



5 This too shall pass

I really like how much detail some her notebook's page has, like the dotted work in the transition between the black background and the white page and the line work in the florals.

[ Image by Stephanie Baxter ]



6 Do it with passion or not at all

And I'm closing Stephanie's pieces with this iconic one, the intertwined flowers and letters make this such a lovely piece! Remember to check out her Instagram profile here to give her a follow.

[ Image by Stephanie Baxter ]



7 Come to the flicker of the sun with me

This piece by Talenta priyatmojo is probably one of my favorite pencil pieces I love how much contrast it has and how polished the sketch looks while maintaining that textured look that only pencil gives, so rough and refined all at once. If you want to follow a drool-worthy account I definitely recommend you checking Talenta's Instagram account, most of his captions are in Indonesian, but I always manage o find a way to translate it =] 


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8 We're up all night to get lucky

I also had to add multiple pieces by Talenta, this one while it has color it still has so much texture to it and the ornamentation is so on point!

[ Image by Talenta Priyatmojo ]



9 Sometimes it's better to let the silence do the talking

There's so much beauty in pencil sketches, and Talenta really takes it to the next level on his work.

[ Image by Talenta Priyatmojo ]



10 The best view comes after the hardest climb

This one is the last piece from him, just because I would probably post all of his work here, so if you want to keep looking at beautiful lettering pieces, head over to Talenta's Account here.

[ Image by Talenta Priyatmojo ]



11 It's all fun and games

Amanda Arneill has some serious eye candy in her Instagram account as well, I selected a few that I thought were not only cool but also shared great lettering styles. I love the way she mixes different styles of lowercase (script and sans-serif) 

[ Image by Amanda Arneill ]



12 When are you going to make another person

I already commented about how much I love pencil sketches, and one of the things I love about Amanda's feed is that she always letters said around her house =] it's just so funny! If you are interested in checking more of Amanda's work, check out her feed or her website.

[ Image by Amanda Arneill


13 And how wild it was

Emilee Rudd's work is so intricate and she pays so much attention to detail when creating her pieces, this one is probably one of my favorites. Her line work is so on point and the botanicals are so lovely.

[ Image by Emilee Rudd ]



14 Sleep when you are dead

 Another piece I loved from her was this “sleep when you are dead” I and guilty of not sleeping enough (even though its something I'm working on) so it made me laugh at the same time as inspired me to work on my sleep habits hehe. If you want to check more of her work please visit her Instagram profile here.

[ Image by Emilee Rudd ]



15 Steady on the grind

Lettering in coffee cups has been a thing for a long time now, but one of the best cups I've found (and with equally funny puns) are by lettering artist George Anzaldo, I love his urban calligraphy and the products he is releasing lately.

[ Image by George Anzaldo ]



16 Home is where the Bay is

No need to mention again how obsessed I am with pencil sketches, but I do have to say that I loved the ones that George shares in his Instagram account. The script style lettering in this piece is so on point, and the ornamentation really brings it together! For more of his work check out his Instagram here.

[ Image by George Anzaldo ]



17 Foresee an epic year in your future

This example of a pencil sketch by my friend Kim Panella is probably one of the best I've seen, I love how she incorporates very lovely drawn illustrations to her pieces and her script lettering, resembling a little bit of a pointed pen modern calligraphy really tie the piece together.

[ Image by Kim Panella ]



18 Pumpkin season

Another of the mediums Kim really excels at is Chalk lettering, I really like this piece she shared because you can see how when mixes illustration with lettering and the different treatments in the dusted surface that make light and shadows seem so natural. For more of her work, please check her Instagram feed and her website.

[ Image by Kim Panella ]



19 Recipe for success

Before I move to another artist, I also had to share this gem from Kim, because not only the lettering and illustrations are so cool, but the message of how much hard work + Enthusiasm it takes to succeed (even though the definition of success is so different from person to person) really is one that we should take to heart <3

[ Image by Kim Panella ]



20 Follow your dreams, they know the way

This was one I found on the “suggested for me” while navigating the seas of Pinterest and I thought it was so lovely! Sometimes my Pinterest suggestions are so all over the place (especially when I look for inspiration stuff for my second blog Barefoot Detour, hello RV stuff!)  So I was happy to see this piece and include it in this round-up!

[ Image by Julia Henze ]



21 Hustle, work, hustle, work.

I love Lauren Hom's work, and this piece is cool to me not only because I am a hustler, but also because it explores a bunch of different styles and alignment for the same work.  One thing I've been working on lately though is to not be so proud of how much I work, I no longer like to wear my hustle metal of honor, BUT instead, I like to be proud of all the FREE time that all that hard work allows me, hustling hard some days to be able to spend quality time with my boys is one of my biggest goals. 

[ Image by Lauren Hom ]



22 Pack smarter, travel farther

I am such a fan of lettering mixed with illustration, and this piece explores both so well,  I really like the contrast of the hardness of the letters and the softness of everything around them. Such a lovely mural example.

[ Image by Lauren Hom ]



23 So you plant your garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers

Not only this piece is so empowering but also, Lauren created it with such a lovely mix of lettering styles and botanical work. There some serious notebook goals in this spread.

[ Image by Lauren Hom ]



24 Bali, Indonesia

Another great example is this other notebook, and while I haven't been to Bali, YET (We are going in 2020 for our 10th wedding anniversary). It makes me so pumped and also shows that you can make a full piece with just two words, it's all about the composition of the letters and also the embellishments around it. For more of Lauren's work please check out her Instagram account and website.

[ Image by Lauren Hom ]



25 The past will be our future until we have the courage to create a new one

If you are in the lettering and calligraphy niche, you are probably more than familiar with Stephan Kunz and his work. I love the mix of styles that he features in pretty much all of his pieces and also how he focuses on positive messages and talk about God with his followers.

[ Image by Stephan Kunz ]



26 Be strong and courageous 

He has a drool-worthy feed on Instagram and he is the co-creator of the course I am currently taking about social media. When selecting courses or classes to take (and promote) I always like to see people that have walked the walk and share how they got there, so I am pumped to keep digging in and implement his (and Amanda's) recommendations.

[ Image by Stephan Kunz ]



27 Abs are great but have you tried donuts

As the last image of this round-up, I had to include this mural because  1 – I am a super fan of donuts, 2 – it's so funny and 3- the lettering is so awesome. Also, seeing Stefan's space is what encouraged me to paint a chalk wall in my studio! For more of his work, check out his Instagram and website.

[ Image by Stephan Kunz ]

I hope this collection of images inspire you as much as they inspire me, and remember to follow the artist featured and check out their other work.
And if you want to take your social media presence to the next level, check out Amanda and Stefan's class Mastering social media.


Mastering Social Media Course

Taught by lettering artist @amandaarneill & @stephankunz. The Mastering Social Media online course is here to teach you that you are not at the mercy of an ever-changing algorithm. Together they decodes the social media world for artists and give great advice for grwoing your folloing, reach and influence.

I hope you have a wonderful day!
Keep creating!




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