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This past weekend was the fair I talked about in some of my previous post, it was my very first experience with a booth, and in the overall I have to say that I has a lot of fun! Setting up everyday was kind of a pain and the fact that it was outside (OMG the wind!!) but with the help of my friends and family it got easier every day, by Sunday we were experts and got everything set up in a matter of minutes :) My father in law and brother in law were the ones driving me there. and my friends and Mother in law stopped there to help me and have a laugh or two (actually we laugh a lot! people must have though we were crazy, but the infomercials my friends were making of my products were too funny)

So here so pictures I took Sunday!

mountaineer days

handmade beautiful


yoga mat cover

id pouches

elastic headbands

handmade cards

hair clips

Metal headbands


katy and the girls

betty and matt

I was kind of bummed that I never consider the wind when I designed my displays, because I end up not using them due to the strong wind that blow everything several times,so I end up pining everything to the tablecloth. I worked very hard on them, collecting recycled materials and putting them together, but I do think I will have the chance to use them next time if I get to go to an indoors event :) So it was not wasted work.

I now want to list on my Etsy Shop all the new stuff I didn't sale there, I have yoga mat covers, little pouches with an inner pocket and an ID window, headbands, hair clips and cards with fabric details. Now I just need to find the time!



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6 replies
  1. Katie
    Katie says:

    Wow Joy – it looks fabulous!!!! I am glad that you had a good time, and I hope you sold a lot of fantastic items!!!

  2. roe
    roe says:

    (laughs) when Renegade Handmade starts begging you to exhibit, you’ll be inside and the wind won’t know what to do, all alone outside. By itself.

    The chandelier was such a fantastic display idea! It show off how elegant all your pieces are. ^_^

  3. Jessica Lynn
    Jessica Lynn says:

    I frequent arts and craft fairs a lot and I seriously wish I’d see you at one of them, because I’d actually want to buy your things! Most A&C fairs have the same usual stuff, but your products are things I’d actually buy. Congrats on your first booth!

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