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Stay Humble

– Sep 1st, 2013 –

I decided to make a reminder to how important it is to “Stay Humble”, especially in the creative world. I am planning a 2014 calendar and I am excited to include this piece into it.

SKETCHINGI started my sketches while my son was napping so after my first rough sketch, I inked it really fast. I didn't notice the very bad spacing on the U and especially the M. I was also not very happy with the overlapping of the Y and B,  but that's something I'm going to have to work on the next sketch.

INKING: After I fixed the very obvious spacing issues I decided to start vectorizing.  I know there are still some problems especially on the “m” but I just wanted to keep moving. I tilted the drawing to use the vertical rulers, I have to work on the interior shapes and maybe add color? For some reason is easier for me to digitize the shapes in a color over the black scanned drawing.

VECTORIZING: I added guides to help me align the letters better. and I played with the pen tool in illustrator to smooth as much as I could.

FINAL PIECE:  I added some details to make the piece stand more. Overall I'm pretty happy, but I know I'll probably see a ton of issues in a couple of months.

Stay humble

Home Sweet home

Chalk-lettering is one of my favorites way to letter, I love the simplicity of the materials and the fact that you are creating shapes with dust. The fact that each piece has this “little imperfections” makes them so charming. I love mixing styles that give a little vintage feel but are still clean and modern.

Joy Kelley

Hola! Joy Kelley here, I am a full-time lettering artist obsessed with teaching and sharing my love for Calligraphy, lettering, crafts and all things creative! Welcome to my corner of the web. What to know more about me?

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