Here are some of my favorite pieces, and projects I've worked over the years

Stay Humble

– Sep 1st, 2013 –

I decided to make a reminder to how important it is to “Stay Humble”, especially in the creative world. I am planning a 2014 calendar and I am excited to include this piece into it.

SKETCHING: I started my sketches while my son was napping so after my first rough sketch, I inked it really fast. I didn't notice the very bad spacing on the U and especially the M. I was also not very happy with the overlapping of the Y and B,  but that's something I'm going to have to work on the next sketch.


INKING: After I fixed the very obvious spacing issues I decided to start vectorizing.  I know there are still some problems especially on the “m” but I just wanted to keep moving. I tilted the drawing to use the vertical rulers, I have to work on the interior shapes and maybe add color? For some reason is easier for me to digitize the shapes in a color over the black scanned drawing.




VECTORIZING: I added guides to help me align the letters better. and I played with the pen tool in illustrator to smooth as much as I could.


FINAL PIECE:  I added some details to make the piece stand more. Overall I'm pretty happy, but I know I'll probably see a ton of issues in a couple of months.


Stay humble

Home Sweet home

Chalk-lettering is one of my favorites way to letter, I love the simplicity of the materials and the fact that you are creating shapes with dust. The fact that each piece has this “little imperfections” makes them so charming. I love mixing styles that give a little vintage feel but are still clean and modern.