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This week my Father in Law helped me build my new sewing table. Now we just have t0 paint it before I can show you all my new toy (To me it does classify as a toy lol ) =] So before that I wanted to show you all my inspiration. I am in love of sawhorse tables and I evaluated a lot of different options, search in stores and online, but I could not find anything exactly like what I had in mind in my small budget, that is why I decided to go the DIY way. So here it is my full inspiration =]

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[ left right ]

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The desk showed above from Ikea, was the closes I could find to what I wanted but I wanted cleaner lines than that =] I know I am pretty picky! but I also wanted my new cutting mat to fit the top surface perfectly, so I thought the customized way was the best. I started a little intimidated because I really want a super stable surface to cut and sew.  I am so excited to finish the table and finally move out of our dinning table when I need to cut big surfaces. So as soon  as I finish painting I will post my process and finish work maybe you can make your own too =]


EDIT: you can see my sewing table here.

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  1. Dyamond Robinson-Patlyek
    Dyamond Robinson-Patlyek says:

    Those tables look awesome! I was looking to do the same thing in the future. It can be pretty intimidating especially if you’ve never done anything like this before. Thanks for the inspiration ;]

  2. Elainelind
    Elainelind says:

    I would love a sewing table like this too, but first need to convince my husband that it would look good sharing his office space (which is a brilliant room for light)!

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