Amapola style bundle – Brush calligraphy Practice & worksheet

Are you ready to make your practice time more intentional and level up your brush pen skills?

These bush calligraphy worksheets are just what you need! They are intentionally and beautifully designed to help you build muscle memory (

They are sized to work with small tip brush pens, like the Tombow fudenosuke or the Pentel fude touch brush pen, but you can use any other brand of small tip brush pens.

All workbooks also include a basic strokes pages so you can work from the very beginning, a section to show you the anatomy of letters, instructions to get you started and make the best out of your purchase.

Each page goes over either a stroke or a letter, explain how to construct each portion, for an easy to follow intentional practice and so you can better understand how each letter is constructed.


What’s included

After you purchase you will be able to download a .ZIP file containing the following:

  • 4 pages of directions and explanations
  • 8 pages of basic strokes
  • 26 lowercase letters practice sheets
  • 26 uppercase letters practice sheets
  • 26 lowercase AND uppercase in one sheet
  • 10 days of numbers
  • 1 blank page with guides so you can practice without tracing
  • 90 days in JPG format so you can use it in your iPad

For help downloading your files please check out this page.


  • This is a digital download, this means that you will be able to download the files right after your purchase. Nothing will be shipped to you.
  • This workbook is for personal (non-commercial) use only.
  • One-On-One email support is not included in this purchase.
  • When purchasing, you will have the right to print as many pages as you want for your own practice, but you are not allowed to re-sell the files or printed copies of them.
  • All workbooks are protected by digital copyright laws.
  • If you want to gift this to a friend or loved one, please purchase a Gift Card, then they can select the style they like the most.
  • Please do not pass along copies of this workbook, Thank you!

Why digital practice sheets?

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These sheets are designed to make your practice as intentional as possible, so you can see results faster!



Recommended materials


These worksheets are designed to be used with small tip brush pens. (or a small procreate calligraphy brush) My favorite small tip brush pens are:


  • HP Print paper: If you plan to use your brush pens directly in your print paper, make sure your paper is as smooth as possible so it will not damage your brush pens. This HP paper is my favorite because it's super smooth and not too thick so it can be used in any printer.
  • Georgia Pacific cardstock: If your printer allows you to use a thicker paper, this is my favorite card-stock, it's medium weight and oooo so smooth. (tip: you can always use regular paper to print and either cardstock with a lightbox below, or trace paper above everything)
  • Canson tracing paper: In order to make the most out of your pages, I recommend you use tracing paper on top of your printed worksheet so you can use it over and over again without having to print them each time. This, of course, will work with any tracing paper, the Canson brand is just my personal favorite.


  • LED light box: When using paper that is not as translucent as tracing paper to go over your printed worksheet, you might need to add extra contrast to see it better, this is when light boxes come super handy! This one is my personal favorite and so budget efficient compared to the major brand ones.
  • Binder: One option for keeping all your worksheets organized is to get a binder, I include a cover and spines for the most popular sizes so you can keep it organized. Just remember to grab a puncher and separators that work for the kind of binder you have. There are so many options for color and materials.


Worksheets designed to work on your muscle memory, so you can see results faster!


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  1. Joy

    So easy to print and set up! I would 100% recommend!

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