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Today I am sharing how to make a snowflake infinity scarf, a perfect easy-and-fast holiday gift.

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I already had the white knit fabric so I picked a bright turquoise to make the snowflakes pop even more =] It's so easy to make super cute infinity scarfs for everyone in your family, imagine the possibilities with different color fabric, punchers and paint colors!



The first step is to punch small pieces of Freezer paper. I had a hard time at first because I started punching only one sheet while the pieces were still curvy from the roll. So to make it easier I cut pieces and place a book on top for a day to make it flat. It also helps if you slice a piece of normal paper on the back after punching so the corners of the snowflake don’t get caught on the edges of the puncher.

Once you have a good number of snowflakes, place the shiny side of the paper facing your fabric and iron it, pressing firmly down. I set the iron at the cotton setting.

Lay the fabric down and make sure you put newspaper or any kind of paper down. Mix the fabric medium and the paint according to the medium directions.

Use the sponge brush and gently add paint to the fabric, use more of a push down motion, not really a “brush” from side to side motion.

After you are done, remove the freezer paper to reveal your pattern.

Once your paint is dry place both ends with the wrong side facing out and sew a straight line at the edge, you are done!

It’s so easy to make super cute infinity scarfs for everyone in your family, imagine the possibilities with different color fabric, punchers and paint colors!

I hope you enjoy this easy tutorial and have a wonderful holiday season!



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15 replies
  1. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    I’ve gotten many wonderful handmade gifts but the one that tops them all is the gift my grandmother gave me as a baby shower present. She repaired and reupholstered the wooden rocking chair I had when I was a child. It’s now my two-year-old daughter’s favorite chair. I plan I. Keeping it so I can spruce it up for my future grandchildren.

  2. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial! I’m going to have to make a black and white one to match the skirt I am making! :)

    Also thanks for the giveaway! And my favortie handmade gift was a Pokeball pillow a friend of mine gave me. She worked so hard on it, and I actually either have it on my bed or couch at all times! :)

  3. Elisa T
    Elisa T says:

    I’ve been following your blog since your WB days and have always loved your handmade gifts. I’ve recently taken on a liking to sewing but don’t have a machine. My favorite handmade gift ever is a quilt my grandmother made me when I was 5. I’m 31 and it is still my favorite! My daughter is also enjoying her great grandmas creation now.

  4. ColleenB.
    ColleenB. says:

    such a pretty scarf and wonderful tutorial. Thank you.
    Received hand painted clay pot angels and homemade cards from each of my grandchildren

  5. Theresa
    Theresa says:

    My favorite gift was given to me by my best friend who always created such beautiful pieces of ceramics. She knows I love the medieval era, so she made me a large unicorn, a wizard with crystals on his staff and a castle. I love it.

  6. Sakina
    Sakina says:

    I have recieved many handmade gifts but my favourite was when my friend made me a crochet blanket when i was pregnant!

  7. Sebrina
    Sebrina says:

    My favorite handmade gift is a hard one because I have such a crafty family, but on the top of the list is the custom embroidered scrapbook my aunt gave me for my graduation and then the Barbie that she fashioned to wear my exact wedding dress and accessories for my wedding :)

  8. andrea smith
    andrea smith says:

    my grandmother made me a gorgeous baby blanket for my baby shower. i love it and treasure it because she put so much time and love into it :)

  9. Molly Merrikin
    Molly Merrikin says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, but I never usually comment! I love this idea of a handmade infinity scarf. I have quite a few sister-in-laws who would love this gift and it would be simple for me to make.

    I think my favorite handmade gift I ever received was when I was about eight years old I saw a sleeping bag in a catalog that looked like a big dog with arms and also a head for a pillow. I told my mom I liked it, and then at Christmas time she presented me with one she had made herself! It was much more suited for my taste and she had made it bigger than the one in the magazine so I fit in it for years.

  10. Cathleen
    Cathleen says:

    I get handmade gifts almost daily from my twin 3 year old daughters. My favorites are the watercolor paintings. One of the girls even rolls them up like a package for me. So sweet!

  11. Liz O.
    Liz O. says:

    Oh so sad I miss my chance at this giveaway, but love, love love your scarf, Thanks for sharing Joy!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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