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Hello there! I’m Joy Kelley, and I’m so happy to offer many different and affordable advertising options for you on my blog, so if you'd like to be a HowJoyful Sponsor! – I would love to have you on board!

I love to promote the handmade community, bloggers of all sizes, and small businesses. So if you think we can be a good fit, I would be super glad to hold your hand and introduce you to my lovely readers.

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My little sweet blog grew surprisingly fast from 2010 to 2013, but then I took a  break to focus on my two new boys and to grow my online shop. After running and growing my shop for the last few years. I decided it was time to get back to blogging and share with my readers all I learn about launching, growing and being successful with an online handmade business.

I am super happy to have a very loyal and loving following online, so I take everything I introduce to them very seriously, that's why is very important for me to partner only with the shops and businesses that portray similar cove values.

The monthly average of page loads per month is about 150,000 and 90,000 unique visits.
(Sep 2015 average from

Available advertising

We currently offer only a few product reviews a year. Our reviews will always be 100% honest, so if we are not happy with the product after we try and test, we will not go forward with the review post.

Sidebar Ad image

We offer different sizes for the images and we can design them for you or you can provide them, check the details below.

Sponsored post

We currently offer sponsored post, BUT the product has to align with our blog content and we need to test the product beforehand to make sure we like it.

Social media share

As we work on growing our blog content, we only offer to advertise on the blog.

Medium (300x150px Banner)

The Medium Ad size is 300px wide by 150px high, the ads are placed under the Big Deal ads in the sponsor section. There could be up to 8 medium ads at a time per month.

Big Deal (300x300px Banner)

The Big Deal Ad size is 300px wide by 300px high, the ads are at the top of the sponsor section. There will only be 2 big deal ads at a time so take advantage of the exclusiveness.

Blog Consultation

I’ve had a lot of fellow bloggers ask me to “pick my brain” and give constructive advice to grow and improve their blogs, so I decided to make it a service. Now I can “meet” with you over Skype and we can chat about your blog for an hour with a cup of coffee! I will ask you to provide me with information about what you want to improve and also the link to your blog beforehand, so I can examine and make a list of things to improve and strengths you should be focusing on.

AD design
(add-on only)

You want to sponsor my blog but don’t have time to make a button? no problem, I can design one for you! (No hand-lettering included, I will use the photos, logo, and information you provide to design your button)

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The sponsor selection is at the discretion of HowJoyful. When looking for sponsors I look for shops/blogs with similar aesthetics and audience. I reserve the right to reject potential sponsors that do not match HowJoyful's vision, promote violence, are not family friendly or sell/advertise products or services that do not match my blog's readership. Ad spaces run for 30 days from approval date. 


What to know who reads HowJoyful? Here a set of graphics so you can have a better idea if we are the right fit for each other. As you can see below most of our readers are female between the 25-38 years old. These information and graphics are extracted from the insight feature of our Facebook page.

The data information was last updated: March 28th 2016