Here you will see a list of the most used techniques in my tutorials, I simply list them here so I can refer to them while sharing a tutorial, easier an more organized! =]

Make a strap

You start by folding your piece with the wrong side facing out, remember to always leave at least 1/4″ for seam allowance, sew along and turn your piece inside out like you can see below
Make a strap

To turn them inside out I always use a safety pin.
1- secure the end of your strap with the safety pin.
2- with the help of the safety pin turn the top to the inside of your strap.
3- pull through the inside of your strap.
4- reach the other side and pull the safety pin out.
5- keep pulling until all you turned the whole strap.
6- strap ready!

Four strand braid

Start with attaching the four strands together, either make a knot or use something to hold them while you braid.

Four strand braid
1- hold your four strains straight together
2- turn the gray strain below the green and above the pink.

3- move the blue under the gray and above the pink
4- once again move the border left in this case green, on top of the blue.

5- move the right one (gray) under the pink and on top of the green.
6- grab the blue and place it on top of the gray.

7- move the pink under the green and on top of the blue.
8- repeat the moves and keep going =]



Make Ruffles

There are 2 different ways you can easily make ruffles, by hand or in a sewing machine. I will be showing both here and I would recommend you to try both, just so you can see what way you'll feel more comfortable, because some projects require a lot of them, so being comfortable means making them faster =]


First, you will need to sew along (depending on where you want the ruffle, the center of your strip, top or bottom) with your machine's longest stitch length. Don't backstitch and leave a very long tail of thread at both ends.

Once you finish sewing gently tug at the bottom (bobbin) thread in the tails, one at a time. Your fabric should start to gather, creating a ruffle. You can sew one, two or as many lines as you want to make, it looks very pretty when you have two parallel lines when making a ruffle, especially for clothes =]


When you make it by hand you just have to be careful to follow a straight line, I actually marked by folding but with some kinds of fabric, you might actually need a line. As you can see below, the two different ways to make them work very similar, but by hand, it will take a little bit longer.

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