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When my mom came for the wedding she brought a bunch of my old stuff, while searching and organizing I found one of my very, very old teddy bear patterns (When I was 14 I used to make stuffed animals and sell them for Christmas to have money to buy presents for my family).

Anyway, since I really wanted to make something special for some secret lovely kids, I thought this would be perfect, it’s not going to be this teddy bear, because I made this one just to make sure I had all the pieces and since I don't like some parts I’m altering the pattern and the size.

My dear Poodle, Curly, had no idea the trial Green bear (This was the only fabric I had for trials) was going to be for him, so when I sat the bear next to him, he didn't want to touch him.

curly1 Look at that “Mommy I don't want him” face!

But after a few minutes they became best pals!


This trial helped me figure out a lot of things and plus Curly has a new friend now =)  and I’m pretty sure I will always find him (He´s just SO green and polka dotted!)


Next week I will share the process, pattern and the little twist I made to this. Hopefully the beautiful girl and little baby I’m making this for, will like them too!

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Joy Kelley is a Chilean Designer & lettering Artist. Mom to 3 little boys. Crafter. Pattern lover. Color obsessed. Lemon pie dependent. And the hand behind the HowJoyful Studio & HowJoyful Shop

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