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I am an avid thrift store visitor =] and on my last trip, I found some really cool stuff for me and for the nursery too. I scored this super cool wood 7-inch tall tricycle for 0.25 cents, and even tho I did not like the heart shaped wheel, I took it home for a little restoration.

I used one of my favorite toys, my Dremel tool kit to shape the wheel and smooth all the corners (it was actually not working because the wheels were oval and not round) then I just spray painted and re-assembled.

It has some points where it looks pretty weak so I know Peanut will probably break it, but for 0.25 cents + some sanding and paint, I think it's worth it!

I wanted to wait and use a more colorful paint for it (green and gray was all I had leftover) but I really wanted to finish it while I was still feeling good (I don't have many of those days lately) so I ‘m still happy about how it looks.

Are you thrift store hunter? What is the best item you've found so far? I'd love to hear!
I hope you all have a wonderful day!




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8 replies
  1. Anni
    Anni says:

    This is so cute! I think for a Girl it would have been cute the heart wheels, but you did a great job!

  2. Maria
    Maria says:

    So cute! I’ve just recently gotten back into visiting the thrift store. My most recent find was a blue blazer I used as my gangnam style costume for halloween but my BEST find was the kitchenaid ice cream mixer attachment I found for $4! It was missing two pieces but I was able to order them online for $12.

  3. Eugenia Xamopoulou
    Eugenia Xamopoulou says:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas.
    I wonder if you can tell me where i can find this wooden nursery tricycle bike.
    I want it for my babes christening.
    I leave in Greece so if you have the url of he store i would be pleased!!!

    Thank you very much

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Hi Eugenia!

      I’m sorry but I found this on my local thrift shop, so it was just an old used item someone donated and I restore it, maybe can be a good place to search?
      I wish you a lovely day and good luck on trying to find one!


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