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Right before baby Peanut was born, I made a few projects with the help of my Mom, it was so much fun to sew with her, specially when were working on projects for her first grand-baby. Now I've been using this diaper changing mat for (6 months) 10 months and still LOVE it. It saved us so many times in the car when Conner was little and we had accidents very often.

I actually took the photos for this post when Conner was 6 months old, now he's 10 months, so it's very cute to see how much bigger he looks now. Back then he was just learning how to crawl, now he's learning how to walk and GOSH! I thought it was trouble back them =] Now changing his diaper is a lot more challenging because he doesn't stay still and he hates when I lay him down (yup, he hates to go to bed too) so I don't use the mat as often as I used to, because sometimes I change his diaper when he's standing (pretty funny to see!) But I love how long this mat has lasted with all the use we gave it, definitely keeping it for the second (in a couple more years)

I made this mat so that I could roll it, secure it and store it in my diaper bag, I made this along with a nursing cover and a cover for the car-seat with the same fabric, and my diaper bag is a different pattern but the same brown and turquoise colors, so everything goes well together =] Below you can see how the cover un-rolls, it's very easy but sometimes I used to trow it on the diaper bag just folding it 2 times whenever I was in a hurry and then roll it and make it pretty while restocking the diaper bag.

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So now I'm going to share how I made it, so that you can make your own (or send this tutorial to your very skilled friend/Mom/MIL before your baby shower ;) )


  • 21″ by 24″ cut of Babyville PUL Fabric (Or any waterproof soft fabric)
  • 23″ by 26″ cut of batting (I just cut a piece bigger than both my waterproof fabric and cover fabric, because while quilting, they kind of more a little)
  • 23″ by 26″ cut of accent fabric (I used a left over turquoise and brown, from several baby project's fabric I got on sale at Joann)
  • A 3″long piece of Velcro
  • At least 20″ long of fabric for binding, I used a brown leftover flannel


To start you will need to make a “sandwich” with your waterproof fabric, the batting and the cover fabric, just make sure you have them in the order showed below =] After that you need to either straight pins or use safety pins to bast them together so that you can quilt them, I like to secure the edges first and the walk my way to the inside.


After you have them together its time to sew =] I liked the look of the curvy lines, because they allow mistakes and still look cute, if you want to learn how to properly quilt curves you should check my friend Holly's wavy quilt tutorial, it's very simple and easy to follow =]


Once you have the cover quilted is time to bind the edges, for this I am not actually going to post a tutorial because I think Abby from Sew Much I do did a great job explaining exactly what I do to bind blankets and in this case, the changing mat. I used stripes of 5 1/2″ for my binding because I wanted an edge of approx. 2″ wide, but you can make it as wide of thin as you like =]


Now comes the last portion, adding the velcro closure. To do this I first made a double sided piece of (8″x15″ that you will fold in half) 4″ wide by 15″ long, sew leaving one opening to fold inside out, close side and topstitch, finally add the velcro and attach to the cover like the illustration shows. You are all done!


And of course I HAD to add some more pictures of my little model! I can't believe how little he loos in this pictures! You are really going to laugh when you see the next tutorial (carseat cover with front opening) because those pictures are from when he was 3 days old!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!



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18 replies
  1. UmaDevu
    UmaDevu says:

    This is awesome.. Im gonna try this for sure… all crafts you’ve done are just amazing… :)

    Conner is so cute.. loads of love to you and your little champ :)

  2. JenL
    JenL says:

    I was given some commercially made changing pads that have a few features that I LOVE and would recommend adding. Once they are past the frequent accident phase you tend to grab just the changing pad and not an entire diaper bag when you head out of the house. My pads are narrow enough to put on the diaper tables in most public restrooms and have pockets that flip out and hang off the table (one has the pockets at the foot the other has them on the side). The pockets hold a few diapers and a small pack of wipes or the little wipe case (hmmm maybe it would be easy to make a little PUL bag to hold them?…and/or a PUL pocket for used cloth diapers???–I tried cloth but failed). They also have a Velcro loop that can be hooked onto a stroller or purse. Thanks for this tut. So cute and useful!!

    • Kathleen
      Kathleen says:

      The idea of having everything in one bundle sounds so convenient; I’ll definitely try adding pockets to this changing pad when I make it!

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Oh that is such a cool idea =] Maybe I’ll add those changes to mine for baby number dos! =]
      Thank you for sharing! xoxo

  3. JenL
    JenL says:

    Oh and your lil man is adorable…he’s got a lot of his daddy’s features but I definitely see you in his smile…
    And I totally understand about the standing up for changes…my daughter is 14 months and has been a little monster on the diaper table from the time she learned to roll (3 monthsish). You’d think she’d just resign herself to the fact that we just have to change her diaper….oh well. She gets the stubborn and strong-willed side from me. :D

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      haha it’s so funny what we have to do in order to change their diapers! I think Conner get’s his wild side from his Dad, none of them can stay still!!

  4. Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O says:

    Muchas gracias por la guía para crear este dorable projecto Joy!
    Me encanto la vombinacion del marrón y el turquesa :)
    Gracias por compartir, que tengas un lindo dia!

  5. Katie
    Katie says:

    When you are talking about the right side of the PUL are you using the waterproof/shiny side up or the fabric/matte side up? I have been sewing a lot with PUL/TPU and I have heard each side referred to as the right side, so I just wanted to check. I really like your finished product, cute and very useable!

  6. Mrs G
    Mrs G says:

    I just made this. I used a plasticized cotton instead of PUL (not available locally) and I made a thicker mat by using two layers of cotton batting plus another layer of synthetic fabric (don’t know the name). It’s really soft, but more difficult to work with because it’s bulky, but considering that this is my first quilting experiment ever, I’m quite pleased with the result.
    Thank you for the tutorial.

  7. Karen Kelleher
    Karen Kelleher says:

    I am a bit confused…In your photos, the strap is centered more near the end when you fold it over, then roll it up…But your illustrations show and say to center the strap.???

  8. Becki
    Becki says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I made this today but 24×30 – more space. Used the PUL and followed some of their hints – use polyester thread vs cotton and put in hot dryer for 20 minutes after finishing to take care of any holes made in construction. I did not put my strap in center but played with it to see where best for my size – closer to end. From the PUL site either side can be used as right side – but since I’m picky with my binding I put the fabric side as right side so could iron it.

  9. Esther Heavnzbrat
    Esther Heavnzbrat says:

    Hi Joy! I have the same PUL set (with the dinosaurs/monster). Since you made the PUL side right side up it is no longer a wipe down fabric right? So you just clean it by machine washing? How has that been working for you? I’m debating between using my cute PUL fabric or laminating (which would make it wipe down and not machine washing).

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