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Remember when I showed you the Duct tape organizer I made for the pens on my desk? Well, today I will be sharing the tutorial to make those flowers. The cool thing about them is that you can clean them very easily unlike fabric flowers I used to decorate, these ones can be dusted without any problems and also washed in case something spills. I shared in my last post that I was going to work on some easy projects for those just starting and this is one of them! Hope you all enjoy!

duct tape flower

duct tape


**The download is a PDF format file, so you will need to have Abobe Reader installed on your PC or MAC. Without the program, you will not be able to download or preview the file. If you have troubles please visit this link, because each browser works differently.


[ Click on Images to enlarge]

camera cover 1- Gather your materials:

Duct Tape
– Button
Hot glue gun
– Paper clips
– Flower Pattern (Download Here)

camera cover 2- Unroll a piece of duct tape, and place it facing each other. You will need pieces of color on both sides. if you want you can make them with different colors. one for the back and one for the front.
camera cover 3- On your piece of duct tape, cut 5 of each of both sizes for one flower. if you want you can mark them first with a non-permanent marker then wipe off.
camera cover 4- You will end up with 10 pedals, then cut a round piece for the center of the flower.
camera cover 5- Fold the pedals at the end of the straight line (Like shown in the template)
camera cover 6- Fold the back.
camera cover 7- it should look like this from the front of the petal, repeat with all the others and you are ready to glue.
camera cover 8- Place a drop in the front fold
camera cover 9- And then another drop in the back to glue the fold in.
camera cover 10 – You have all your pieces ready to assemble the flower.
camera cover 11- First glue the button to the center of your circle.
camera cover 12- Then start gluing the big petals first.
camera cover 13- Glue them all the way around the edge of the circle
camera cover 14- The start with the smaller petals, glue them in between the big ones and making sure your close to the center, touching the button.
camera cover 15- and the flower is done! now we need a piece to attach it.
camera cover 16- Grab a paper clip and place a piece of tape in between.
camera cover 17- Tape that to the back of your flower and it's ready!

duct tape flower with pen organizer

duct tape decorations

tape flower

There are so many ways to use them!! I will make some more in different colors to match the craft/office room :) Happy crafting!

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      • Hannah
        Hannah says:

        Hi Joy!!! I love these flowers. They are very creative. I am making them for my moms birthday. I want to be just like you when I grow up!!!

    • jovie
      jovie says:

      I love it. It’s so cool even in polka dots, neon’s, and metallic. Who cares if they look real which they do in real flower colors but I nailed them to my bedroom wall above my bed and made an awesome headboard. Thank you so much Joy all tanks to you I have the bedroom everyone wants to have a sleepover in, you are so awesome again thanks for everything Joy. You are awesome

  1. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    Wow, that is gorgeous! I love the teal. Thanks so much for the great pictures and instructions. I’ll be linking to this.

  2. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    WOW! im so impressed right now! that is made out of duct tape!!!!! come on over and link up to MMM so I can feature you next week :)

  3. Kristen
    Kristen says:

    this is so pretty! I just made this for my blog, and I love how it looks!
    thanks for a wonderful tutorial!

  4. ava-j
    ava-j says:

    Oh, these are awesome! I’m going to be on the lookout for colored duct-tape from now on. :) Thanks for the tutorial! :)

  5. edhini
    edhini says:

    WOW…it’s so pretty..:),thanks for nice photo and the instruction..I’ll try to make it..and of course I will looking for colored duct-tape in Indonesia soon ..:).

  6. Dyamond Robinson-Patlyek
    Dyamond Robinson-Patlyek says:

    Wow. That just blew me away. How creative! I think I will try this one day :]

  7. YellowSkirt_NatPav
    YellowSkirt_NatPav says:

    Ducttape at my school is so popular. I’m not to fond of it, but it is a cute idea. 

  8. Mallory
    Mallory says:

    These are so cute! I love the idea of making these for a cheap & easy display – my friend used to do duct tape roses, but I like this style of flower better.

  9. Drea
    Drea says:

    My youngest daughter who is 12 has declared that she wants to be YOU when she grows up. Thank you for having such an informative site with awesome instructions.

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Oh! that is so incredibly sweet!! you totally made my day and tell her that she got me all emotional with that comment =] Thank you so much XOXO

  10. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    This is so fabulous! I was just looking at the color Duct Tape at the store yesterday wondering what I could make from it. Looks like I’ll be heading back to the store tomorrow. :)

  11. rachael Milovich
    rachael Milovich says:

    has anyone seen kandee johnsons flower wall ??? this would be cool to use instead of fabric flowers

  12. Melissa Aellos
    Melissa Aellos says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, and for including the template. I glued the template onto cardboard to make it more durable, and created a pink flower right away! “Gracias!” from a Venezolana! (I took a picture of my flower and copied the image location from my facebook album into the URL field.)

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Your flower is beautiful Melissa! Thank you for sharing and that’s a great idea for the template to last you longer =]

  13. Marisela
    Marisela says:

    Hola la flor es preciosa, pero me gustaría saber qué tipo de cinta adhesiva usas, pues en España no he visto este tipo de color en las cintas de pegamento. Si puedes contestarme lo agradeceré.

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Hola Marisela, la verdad es que no tengo idea como se llamara esta cinta en España, este es el link hacia Amazon, yo se que ellos tambien hacen envios al extranjero, quizas podrias considerar comprarla en linea. Ojala eso te ayude, Saludos!

  14. Mary
    Mary says:

    I am searching for duct tape crafts for kids, but I found this for me! I love it and the desk organizer. You are so creative. Thank you

  15. Sue
    Sue says:

    I am so excited to begin these flowers. I am planning on making them for cancer patients who can’t receive real flowers. Thank you for your creativity!

  16. Lori
    Lori says:

    Love it! I came over from skip to my lou- I’m so glad I did! Wonderful site, great tut. Thank you!

  17. Brittany
    Brittany says:

    This is so pretty! I love the color you chose. There are so many possibilities for this flower. I can’t wait to make one! Thanks for sharing! :)

  18. Liz
    Liz says:

    Thank you for this great idea! I just made a duct tape bag and this is a really cute decoration to go on there!

  19. RJ
    RJ says:

    I love this! Its so creative and beautiful! I gave this to my mother for her birthday. She loved it!!!

  20. Michaela
    Michaela says:

    I started playing around with this design (even though it turned out very well the first time) and i found that if you put some floral wire in the middle of the petal, it looks just as good and you don’t have to worry about all of those pesky glue strings. Plus you get a stem and a straight line in the middle! Thanks for the idea!

  21. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    What glue did you use? I haven’t found ANYTHING that sticks to duct tape except hot glue and its messy.
    I have tried adhesives of all kinds, and none really stick to the waxy duct tape surface.

  22. Kristin D.
    Kristin D. says:

    Hi Joy, I am doing these for a friends farewell party. Hope mine turn out as pretty as yours because me & hot glue don’t get along to well! Lol Thank you so much for this tutorial!! Any chance you could put the middle circle on the template too?! I just want to make sure I get the size right!

  23. sarah
    sarah says:

    this so cool. I’m going to steal your idea and im going to make it so nobody can see it. Ha!

  24. Reagan
    Reagan says:

    Thanks so much Joy! I am going to use these in my duct tape class for starters since they’re SUPER easy!
    (P.S You should do a tutorial on Duct Tape Wreath!)

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