Limited Production Licenses

After a brief experience selling handmade items created with my patterns on Etsy I decided to stop, I loved creating content and patterns but didn't like how much time I was forced to spend in front of my sewing machine in order to fulfill orders.

In one of those sessions is when the lightbulb moment came to create this seller's program, this way my readers can still purchase items created with my patterns, but it doesn't have to be only me the one making them!

Now I can focus on creating more content for you and leave the making to the one's that really enjoy that process, I would say it's a win-win for everyone!


A HowJoyful limited production license, as the name indicates is a limited commercial license that allows one person to make and sell handmade items using a specific HowJoyful pattern/tutorial.

If you purchase a license and you have a home or online small business, you are entitled to sell items made using the pattern for profit. The license is good for as many items as you decide to purchase.

Factory or mass production is strictly prohibited. The purchase of a license DOES NOT entitle the purchaser to sell, copy, or redistribute the pattern itself or any of the instructions or images.


I ask the sellers in my program to please follow a few specific guidelines which include giving appropriate design credit, registering your shop, and purchasing additional licenses for an additional number of items needed.

There are also some additional guidelines on what the license purchaser may or may not do. Some of the most important points can be found in our FAQ's below.

Please read the program terms at the bottom of the page. License fees are non-refundable.


These are the officially registered sellers who have items available using my patterns & files. Please support them! =]


  1. To purchase simply choose the pattern from the selection below and select the number of items you intend to sell.
  2. Once the PayPal payment has been confirmed you will be redirected to the page where you can download the PDF.
  3. Print and fill out the required information.
  4. Email a scan or picture to us ( in order to validate your license.
  5. Now you can start selling products make with my patterns! And dont forget to let me know the name and link to your shop so I can include it in the seller list.


HowJoyful Teddy Bear: This is a PDF pattern to make this lovely Teddy Bear, you can find the post with the tutorial here. Sell this lovely bear in your shop and I will list you so my readers know where to buy it.


Baby hat with teddy bear ears : You can find the tutorial and template here with some examples of different colors. Sell the HowJoyful baby hat in your shop with this license.


Hot air balloon mobile : You can find the tutorial and template here.This license is per mobile, you can add as many hot air balloons as you want to each mobile.


Camera carrier insert: You can find the tutorial instructions here. Sell this camera carrier insert in your shop and I will list you so my reader know where to buy it.


Rose Pattern: This is a PDF pattern for felt or fabric roses, you can find the instructions and download the file here. This flower can be use multiple times for one item to sale (e.g. headband with 3 or more flowers is one item, 1 headband)


Poppy Pattern: This is a PDF pattern for felt or fabric poppies, you can find the instructions and download the file here. This flower can be use multiple times for one item to sale (e.g. headband with 3 or more flowers is one item, 1 headband)


Daisy Pattern: This is a PDF pattern for felt or fabric daisies, you can find the instructions and download the file here. This flower can be use multiple times for one item to sale (e.g. headband with 3 or more flowers is one item, 1 headband)


Camelia Pattern: This is a PDF pattern for felt or fabric daisies, you can find the instructions and download the file here. This flower can be use multiple times for one item to sale (e.g. headband with 3 or more flowers is one item, 1 headband)



  • May I sell items made using your free patterns and/or tutorials?
    A: I am sorry, but unless a license is purchased, my free patterns and tutorials are intended for personal use only. If you wish to purchase a license for a pattern or tutorial not included in the limited production license page, email me and I will list one for you. Thank you for respecting my wishes!
  • Does -personal use only- include using the pattern to make gifts for others?
    A: Absolutely! “Personal use only” means using the pattern for yourself or to make gifts for your friends and family, in other words, as long as you are not selling or making a profit out of the item made with the pattern or tutorial, we are OK!
  • May I use your pattern for a class I’m teaching? How about sewing for charity?
    A: I am always happy when people make things of my patterns for charity, if you are getting paid for the class you will be using my patterns please contact me first, thank you!
  • May I sew my own shop/brand tags to items made through the HowJoyful Seller’s Program?
    A: Yes! of course, go right ahead. Just remember to put a little note on your listing stating that you are an authorized seller.
  • If I buy a license will you guide me step by step on how to make the HowJoyful Teddy bear?
    A: I am sorry, but as I state in my instruction post, that pattern is for advanced sewers with knowledge of pattern making and that have some experience with stuffed animals. I am not able to give any extra instructions or directions, everything is in the post and I wrote it back on 2010, so it has been a long time since I made the bears, I am so sorry!


For a full explanation of the license and the DOs and DON'Ts please visit this page in my Studio website.

To Purchase

  1. Please select the number of uses you would like to license from the drop-down.
  2. Check out via PayPal.
  3. To activate, please download the document in this page.
  4. Fill out and email back to me with your signature.

Number of uses per design


For more information about the license please read this page in my Studio.

With the purchase of a commercial license to sell products embellished with my FREE cut files:



  • Print or cut this file to embellish items for sale
  • List the items you make using this file on social media with the intent to sell without giving direct credit for the artwork, BUT please do NOT share them as designed (or lettered) by you if you are only embellishing it with my files. AND if asked, please refer to @howjoyful or @howjoyfulfiles as the author of the artwork.


I (Joy Kelley) and my business (HowJoyful Design Studio) are not liable nor responsible for trademark violations, while every effort is made to check that each of my designs is not infringing on new trademarked “words & quotes” that are filled every day. I do not check every class available for trademark.


  • You may not share, gift, re-sell, or distribute our digital files via email, sharing websites, USB, or any other way.
  • You may not create items for sale on Etsy that compete with the HowJoyful Shop products on Etsy, such as baby blankets, printables/printed wall art or cards.
  • You may not use these designs to create stamps or stencils for sale.
  • You may not use these designs to create embroidery files.
  • You may not use these designs for branding, websites or business logo.
  • You may not use these designs printed as a stand-alone item for sale (prints, cards, canvas, calendars, etc.)
  • You may not use these designs to start or add to shops in websites like CafePress, Zazzle, Society 6, or print with apps like Printful or Amazon merch, etc.
  • You may not sell items embellished with these files if you are not the one processing the order OR use a3rd party company for fulfillment.
  • You may not alter, replicate, modify or create a direct derivate from this files with the purpose of re-selling. This includes using parts or elements included in our files to create new design pieces.


These are the terms explained in the license you will have to sign and send to me in order to validate the agreement. 

Acceptance Please note that by submitting your payment for a limit production license you are agreeing to all of the terms of service as written here. Joy Kelley {HowJoyful} reserves the right to change or update these terms at any time without prior notice.

The number of Products Licensee agrees to pay the fee according to a number of products you will be selling. This license is only good for a number of products the licensee has agreed to and paid for. No additional products may be made and sold unless an additional agreement is purchased. This fee is non-refundable.

Redistribution Licensee agrees not to re-distribute the pattern, or any portion of the pattern, at any time, whether in electronic, written or verbal form.

Credit Licensee will identify the products produced for sale with the following credit on their clothing sales tags, and in any form of product description: “Design by HowJoyful,” “Pattern by HowJoyful,” “This is a HowJoyful Design,” “Pattern by Joy Kelley,” “Design by Joy Kelley” or include ( as credit.

Refunds Due to the nature of the goods, Joy Kelley {HowJoyful} will not negotiate chargebacks with any person or company. As clearly stated, all participants are asked to read and agree to this terms of service prior to the purchase of the license.

Details If the licensee violates any of the above terms or engages in unethical business practices, Joy Kelley reserves the right to revoke this license at any time.

If you have any questions or concern about the terms of the seller program, the files, patterns or a special request, please contact me. Thank you!

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