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Not sure about what the difference between lettering and calligraphy is? I wrote this post explaining it all.

Frequently asked questions about Calligraphy & Lettering

No, they are not the same. why? Because of the way letters are constructed.

LETTERING: Drawing letters, using the necessary number of revisions, modifications and usually born out of several thumb sketch ideas.

CALLIGRAPHY: Writing letters, whether, in one stroke or the deconstruction of several strokes, there is no erasing or re-adjusting.

If you would like to dig a little deeper, I've explained the differences between lettering and calligraphy in this post.

The thing I love the most about lettering and brush calligraphy is the low barrier to entry, to start practicing lettering all you need is a pencil, pen, and an eraser.

For brush calligraphy, all you need is a brush pen that allows pressure sensitivity and paper.

Of course, from there you can go as wild as you want! I have a full list of materials that I love on this page.


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Where do I start?

Start by reading my full guide to Brush Calligraphy, here I cover everything you should know before starting, from definitions to posture, how to hold a pen, and how letters are constructed.

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Who am I?

My name is Joy Kelley, I am the mom of 3 Lil’ boys. A lettering artist/designer originally from Santiago, Chile but currently residing in the mountains of Southern California, USA.

I love to share my experiences as a lettering artist, business owner, and blogger. Let’s be friends!


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