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Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to the most frequent questions I receive for the blog and also my equipment.

Q: Can I use YOUR images, post or tutorials on MY blog?

A: Yes, you can, but please credit properly by doing the following:

  • Copy and save my images to your web server or image hosting, stealing bandwidth is still stealing!
  • Give me credit for the image, post or mention with a link back, I work hard to create content so why not, right?
  • Link to my post and/or blog mentioning “HowJoyful” and/or “Joy Kelley” not just link with an “image from here” or “idea from here” link.
  • Write your own post (don't copy and paste mine)
  • And please remember that I still reserve my right to ask you to remove my image if the way you are using them makes me uncomfortable or is used along with racist, adult or misleading content, because, you know, they are mine.

PS. If you credit my post and images properly on a website that caters to an audience similar to mine, there is no way I would ever ask you to remove them!

Q: Can I repost your tutorial or blog post?

A: I genuinely appreciate blog-friends that help to share my tutorials and projects with a larger online community.  But please make sure to NOT blog the entire post. Even if you link back, that is just NOT GOOD in my book (and some basics of blog etiquette). You can always send them this way to read the full tutorial or pot, you know I ALWAYS make sure to do the same for others, after all, it is the RIGHT thing to do. If you want to translate the tutorial into a different language, please check with me first.

Q: Can I share your content/artwork on my Instagram account?

A: First, thank you for wanting to share my artwork and content, I love posting pieces to IG and I love when others share them too! Second, my only request when sharing my work is for you to please credit properly (tag me on the image AND also mention me in the description, doing only ONE of this things is not properly crediting, just FYI!) using my IG handle @howjoyful, if you are looking for custom pieces or want to share my images as marketing material, please contact me first.

Q: Can I share your content/artwork on my Facebook page, group or profile?

A: Just like I mention with IG shares, sharing my content with your Facebook friends/following is greatly appreciated, but please make sure to link back to the specific post and not just the main page. Also, please tag my facebook page HowJoyful and if you are looking for custom pieces or want to share my images as marketing material, please contact me first.

Q: Can I make stuff from your tutorials and sell them in my shop?

A: It depends, most of my free patterns and tutorials are for personal non-commercial use only. But I just added a section for limited Production licenses, so my readers can purchase the right to sell items made with my tutorials (limited amounts depending per license). If the project you want is not listed or you have doubts about the licenses, please contact me.

Q: What is your equipment?

A: I love to share my equipment, whether it is what I use to sew, take pictures or create lettering pieces. Here a little compilation with some of my favorites:

To sew: I use my very average Brother sewing machine, it's nothing fancy, but it gets the job done, so I love it! And my husband gifted me this serger that I use for all edges.

To edit photos & graphics: I use Abobe Photoshop and my iMac or MacbookPro. To add graphics and make patterns I use a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Fireworks.

To take my pictures: (From 2011 until 2017) I use my Canon Rebel T2i, I just upgraded to a Canon 80D (video creator kit) and I just can't wait to explore the possibilities!! I have my lenses listed next. And if you want to see all the rest of my content geta check the page in the button.

  • My Macro lens Canon EF 100mm f/2.8: I use this one for most of my close up and to photograph things that are very small.
  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens: This one is a great economical alternative when you want to take pretty portrait pictures, I use it A LOT! and it gives a super nice bokeh effect.
  • Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS SLR Lens: My camera came with this one, and since it was the only one that was not fixed at the time I purchased it, it was the one I used the most for quick “on the spot” pictures.
  • My Telephoto Zoom Lens Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III USM: I got this one because I wanted to have a telephoto lens and for the price, it does a pretty good job.

Q: What is the name of the font in your header?

A: Actually that is not a font, I hand-letter that in paper and then vectorize them to make logo & header, if you are interested in learning I offer in-person workshops and helpful post to get you started in my blog. I also sell font's I've made with my lettering in my studio, check all my current fonts here.

Q: Will you mention my website/product/company on your blog?

A: It depends. I am not close to doing reviews, but the product to review has to be of interest to both me and my readers. I will not review beauty products or anything not related to lettering, sewing, crafts or things I would normally use with my boys.  Also if you plan to email me, do your homework, use my name and never call me “Dear Blogger” or “Admin” or “Hey HowJoyful” you will automatically be erased from my Inbox, because you know, I am a person with a name and it only takes 2 seconds to find it out !  

Also, have in mind that there are LAWS regarding marketing emails, so play nice and follow them too.

If you are going to send me an email about your product, service or proposal, please have ALL of the above points in mind before hitting the send button =]

Q: Why did you erase my comment and/or extra links?

A: As you can read on my Site Policy. Comments that are offensive, excessively promotional, or unkind will be removed. As well as repeated links, I have no problem with you linking back to show something related to the post or a link to your blog, but only once. There will be only one link back per comment (Usually the one with your name).

Have a question that isn't answered here? Feel free to message me.

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skillshare free trial


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