Craft tutorials

Hola there! Here you can find an organized list of all my tutorials, projects and printables. I want to point out that I am no sewing expert and have no formal education in either sewing or English (Spanish is my native language). So I might not always use the correct terminology or best technique, but I am always learning! It might not always be perfect, but it's sure a lot of fun!

  1. All of my tutorials and printables for personal use only, if you want to sell items made with these tutorials please purchase a Limited Production License.
  2. If you blog them, please do not share the complete post and share a link crediting back to the post.
  3. DO NOT link directly to downloads, please read my Site Policy and Contact me if you have questions, hope you all enjoy! Thank you!


Lettering & calligraphy tools

A compilation of everything that is in my toolbox & why I love them

Content creation gear

A list of all the gear, tools and gadgets I use to make videos and take pictures

My business resources

A list of all the tools I use to run both my blog and lettering business
Joy Kelley

Hola! Joy Kelley here, I've been a full time lettering artist for the last 6 years and I would love to help you learn lettering & calligraphy with me. What to know more about me?

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