Lettering & Calligraphy Tools

Thank you so much for checking my lettering tools page. Before anything I want you to know that you ABSOLUTELY do NOT need fancy tools to get started with lettering, you might need a brush or dip pen to start with calligraphy, but for lettering I started with just a pencil, paper, and an eraser, all the fancy things will not make you better, PRACTICE WILL!

BUT we can't argue that some tools make our life so much easier! and since I always get asked about what it's in my toolbox I decided to put together this compilation.

I separated them into categories so you can navigate them easily (scroll down or use the sub-menu), if there's anything that you wish I cover in more depth, just let me know!

And AGAIN! if you are just starting, practice!! make it a habit to dedicate 10-20 minutes a day. Deliberate practice is the number one thing that will completely change your lettering journey, and of course, you can build your toolbox as you go =] Check out my blog for more resources and tips! And subscribe to my newsletter for exclusive content!

Happy creating,