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Remember when I shared that I wanted to celebrate spring? Well, the celebration has begun =]  I am going to share a few different flowers I made out of felt.

how to make a camelia with felt


And these particular ones are very easy! I know I am kind of biased with the color combination, but all the felt flowers I will be sharing are going to end up in projects for my office so you will see those colors a lot. One of my favorite flowers are Camelias (Spanish name) and even though just with two layers they don't look much like Camelias if you use 3 or more, it will begin to resemble them =]

Oh! and remember to scroll all the way to the bottom to download the pattern!


felt flower tutorials

pink flower Camelia flower camelia flower by howjoyful



list of materials

  1. Your color choice of felt (I used 3 9″x12″ sheets for three layers of different sizes)
  2. Thread, needle, and scissors
  3. Hot glue gun (in case you don't want to sew it)
  4. A pearl or embellishment for the center of your flower

⇊ Scroll all the way to the bottom to download the pattern ⇊



This is how I used the pattern:

  1. First I cut the paper pattern of the sizes I wanted to use (1, 2 and 3)
  2. then I placed them on top of the felt.
  3. I pinned the pattern and I cut the felt shapes.
  4. To assemble the flower, you simply have to sew or glue (I prefer sewing them) the center of the petals, after that your flower is ready!

Here you can see a close up of how I sewed the back of my flowers; I left the center open because when you add a lot of layers, it's easier to put the pearl or any other embellishment in the center.

You can add as many layers as you want, or just play with the different sizes, below you can see some of the options I did with mine. Once I was happy with how they looked, I hot glued around the edge of the center in the lowest layer and moved my way up finishing by hot gluing the pearl.


Or you can just use them as one layer; I think they look pretty, either way, =] See how easy it was?


You can add different layers, to different flowers to make them in a variety of sizes and of course colors.

pattern for flower


And if you want you could also mix colors or different shades of colors in one flower, I think they still look super cool.

free tutorial by howjoyful

But for now I'll stay with the single colors, and my favorite ones are the two-layer flowers, they are so simple and pretty!

felt flower



list of materials

  1. Your color choice of felt (I used 3 9″x12″ sheets for three layers of different sizes)
  2. Thread, needle, and scissors
  3. Hot glue gun (in case you don't want to sew it)
  4. A pearl or embellishment for the center of your flower


The pattern is a PDF file, the link goes direclty to Dropbox, but you don't need an account to view it, you will need Abobe Reader or a similar program once the file is downloaded.




Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for some more flower tutorials!


howjoyful flower pattern


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  1. Anna
    Anna says:

    I love those, you make it sound like it’s so easy! I will def give them a try, Thank you for sharing!

  2. Patricia
    Patricia says:

    The are so lovely, and I’m gonna try to make one right now

    Thank you for the pattern

  3. Bonnie
    Bonnie says:

    Is felt washable or will the dye run on to other fabrics? I was thinking of making these and attaching them to a top…. thanks!

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Felt is washable and usually keeps the shape better than other fabrics, you might double check the label, but the one I get (from Joann) holds the colors really good. so they work fine for tops =] I’m excited to see what you come up with!

  4. Patricia
    Patricia says:

    It was very easy to make I will post my result this week and a link to your blog so if someone else wants to make it they can click to youre blog

  5. Rika Daniel
    Rika Daniel says:

    thanks for sharing Joy! :) I would definitely make this for my next project, oh, I won’t forget to link this useful tutorial :)

  6. Suzie
    Suzie says:

    Oh wow – what a lovely tutorial – thanks so much for sharing this with us all…I will definately be trying this one out! :)

  7. norma santos
    norma santos says:

    lindas,lindas,muito charmozinha,gostaria de saber se pode ser feita e EVA,aguardo resposta,bjks.

  8. Amy
    Amy says:

    I will be making these today. Found this on ‘one pretty thing’. I was planning on putting a few fake flowers on a clip but this will be soooooo much better! thank you.

  9. tigermommy
    tigermommy says:

    This is charming and I want to tkae an old leather purse to make my blue dimensional flower, but when I clicked and right clicked on the pdf. download and I come up with a blank page. Can you forward me another way to get the pattern, so I don’t have to make my own? Thanx, Kathy

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Hi Kathy, it all depend on the browser you are using to download, they all work different so I am not sure why is this happening to you. but if you use firefox, by clicking on the download it should open a new window with the PDF file, and if you have adobe in your computer a top bar will show you a save file option. If you are on a mac, you can right click and view on Preview, you can also save it there. Hope that helps – have a good day!

  10. ol-ludmila
    ol-ludmila says:

    Looking at the pictures I’m sure it will be possible to create such a nice thing. Thank you for a great idea!

  11. Sara
    Sara says:

    These are sooo cute! I’d love to make one…but can’t download the pattern. Help, please.

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Hi sara, I just checked and there is no problem with the file at all. it always depends on the browser you are using, sometimes the download it to your computer and you need to go to your download folder to see it – everything is good in this end tho =] have a good day!

  12. Diva
    Diva says:

    queria felicitarte por tu pagina exelente!! me encanto… ya hoy fui de compras y consegui todo o casi todo uno con lo de las manualidades nunca tien encantaron las flores uqe haces en fieltro, bellisimas y justo tengo una nieta que es la primera aun no la conozco pero si la veo por skype ellos vivien en venezuela mi pais de origen, y yp aqui voy de visita pero en estos tiempos no he podido ya hace dos anos y la nina solo tiene 6 meses peor es una belleza y me encantaria hacerle cositas para el pel, ya que estoy todo el dia en casa recuperandome de accidente vehicular y no puedo trabajar aun o quien sabe si volvere a trabajar, ando en todas esas cosas ahora mismo terapias y esas cosas asi que me queda mucho tiempo y quiero sentirme util en algo y gastando poco ya que paso el dia aqui en casa, peor no he podido bajar los patrones para hacer las florecitas, no se si es que tengo que pagar o que no lo estoy haciendo bien ..o que me falte algo en la computadora para poder bajarlos me puedes ayudar te lo agradecere siempre y claro me encantara despues uqe haga algunas enviarte fotos antes de empacarlas ya que quieor hacer una cajita con cositas para Isabella y le llegue antes de navidad ropita ylos lazos que le combinen y esas cositas ya te mandare una foto cuando ellos me manden a micon lazos puestos y todo para que la veas tambien es blanca blanca con cabello negro y ojos azules es lindisima..que abuela tan creida soy jeje pero ya la veras..bueno en espera de tu ayuda por aqui en florida en Orlando para ser exactos es donde vivo hace ya 8 anos ..y Diva es mi nombre real aunque no lo parezca jeje… gracias por todo y Dios te cuide tus manos y cerebro ya que tienes ideas geniales y lo mas importante saludame a tus perritos, yo tambien tengo peor shit-zu una belleza ya te enviare fotos de mis amores bellisimos tambien …bye gracias

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Hola Diva, que alegria que mis patrones te sirvan para hacer cositas para tus nietas, lo que necesitas es tener Adobe Acrobat instalado en tu PC o MAC. porque los archivos son PDF. Asi que cuando instales el programa los vas a poder ver. Espero ver tus fotos, un beso grande!

  13. Diva
    Diva says:

    Wao gracias al fin los tengoooo.. no lo pudo creer..ya confeccione la primera camelia en orange .. solo me falta el centro.. si me das un email te la envio para que veas que tal me quedo… hoy amanecere ..a ver que tal me van quedando..poniendo toques personales …un abrazo grande.. me has hecho el dia mil gracias de nuevo …. :) Diva

  14. hyunjinlee
    hyunjinlee says:

    It’s so beautiful … We’re going to give the daughter made ​​a hairpin.
    Thank you.

  15. Krissy
    Krissy says:

    LOVE these!! Just made one for my little girl to wear on Sunday. When I blog about it I’ll add it to the comments. The flower turned out so pretty! I used grey felt with a white pearl.

    Thanks so much for offering the pattern!!

  16. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    They are really pretty. I was searching for flower felt patterns and saw yours. I think they will be great as I’m thinking of making a hair clip using these patterns for my bestie. Thanks for the tutorial.

  17. kafilat Ibidunni
    kafilat Ibidunni says:


    just want to ask how you where able to cut the felt with the space in the middle like the very first one in this picture.


  18. claudia
    claudia says:

    omg thanks these flowers will look great with da tutus i made 4 da girls luv it cant wait to try this!!!

  19. Sofia
    Sofia says:

    Your pattern is just lovely, so I made some flowers basing on it. I posted a link to your site on my blog: Thank you for sharing :)

  20. Claudia
    Claudia says:

    Joy thanks so much 4 this tutorial I started making them yesterday and all my friends already ask me for some and I’ve only made 3 lol luv wearing flowers so puttin a clip on them and using it for my hair next is da roses one thanks again! Ur just lovely

  21. Ishal
    Ishal says:

    This is very sweet.Your flowers are beautiful.I made this and i got an idea to make it into a head band.Thanks for the great tutorial!

  22. Gwen Paxton
    Gwen Paxton says:

    Hi Joy your flowers are so beautiful. I have tried to make the rose, the daisy and the camelia, but I think I am using a poor quality felt, bought here in the U.k. the petals have turned out rather ragged. Is there a good quality felt I can get from anywhere. Thank you. Gwen Paxton.

  23. Leah
    Leah says:

    These look brilliant and really easy to do and they would be graet for decorating items. Thanks I will be making some.

  24. tiki huygen
    tiki huygen says:

    im from belgium so maybe its not quid right yesterday i made the flowers and i stay late at night to see the results it was easely and beautifull thank you for scharing it whit us

  25. Gail
    Gail says:

    I was looking for simple felt flowers for a hat my daughter has — these are so cute! I also love that I can take needle and thread to them; I’m not such a fan of hot glue. Unique and adorable!

  26. Donna
    Donna says:

    Very nice tutorial. When I find a pattern like this that I want to use over and over I make my pattern from adhesive vinyl (Like Mactac). Then it sticks in place without pins and I can cut very accurately. When it gets too fuzzy to stick well I can stick it to another scrap of adhesive vinyl to make a new pattern.

  27. D0tted
    D0tted says:

    Ok, I made these too!
    I used cheap felt, silicon liquid glue and glued a gem on the front. To top it off I’m putting and Led light behind the gem and the green wire from the light will stick out like a stem. I’m putting about 5 together and they’ll be battery operated. Small batteries from like little kids toys. The Leds i’ve cut off of a string of Christmas lights. I’ve almost got it together. These will be soo pretty!
    Thanks for the Tut!
    Saludos de gringo en Mexico

  28. Clash of Clans De Trucos
    Clash of Clans De Trucos says:

    Check into ratings and determine what ages are appropriate for games with an “M” rating.

    Preschool kids can learn numbers and the alphabet or your grandma can find something she might like.
    And believe it or not, LOTS of those people end up purchasing LOTS of gems.

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    I definitely enjoyed every part of it and I have you saved
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