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Pumpkin painting ideas – No carving pumpkin decor

Looking for affordable, hassle-free pumpkin decorating ideas? Look no further! I have compiled this list with the best pumpkin painting ideas. Just check out this round-up with the best no carving ideas for an easy hassle-free pumpkin decorating!

painted pumpkins


Some of my favorite markers for Pumpkin painting or just anything that requires precision and color =] Most of the tutorials I gathered require either pen markers or just craft paint, so I figured I would list what my to-go paint markers are below.


I know that carving pumpkins can not only get super messy but also very frustrating! This is why I compiled a list of 21+ tutorials and inspiration for you to try hassle-free no-carving pumpkin decorating this year!

1DIY Brushstroke Pumpkin: These are so adorable and super simple to make, follow the step-by-step tutorial that Caitlin and Amanda from put together.

pumkin painted abstract

2DIY Donut Pumpkin: Not only absolutely adorable but also so easy to make! check out the full tutorial to make these lovely donut pumpkins from Kelly of Studio DIY.

pumpking paint donut

3Mud Cloth Pumpkin: So simple and modern, just grab a sharpie paint marker and go get the full tutorial from the HomeYohMy blog by Amy Kim.

pumpkin painted modern

4DIY Flower pumpkin: While this tutorial does not involve only paint, I had to share how beautiful this floral pumpkin by Caitlin and Manda from the blog.

pumpkin flowers

5DIY Mattise Inspired Pumpkins: I am so obsessed with these pumpkins, and the best part is that these are shapes that you can cut with either scissors of your cutting machine and use vinyl for the full-cover bright colors! Get the tutorial at Oh So Beautiful Paper.

pumpkin painted matisse

6Gingham Painted Pumpkin Tutorial: If you are as obsessed and I am with Buffalo Plaid I know you will want to make a pumpkin just like this one shared by Jennifer from the Dimples and Tangles blog. So check out her step by step tutorial and gingham away!

pumpkin plad

7DIY gold geo pumpkins: Just grab a gold marker and check this tutorial to make this super simple and stunning geometric pumpkins by Chelsea from

pumpkin painted gold

8Abstract Art Painted Pumpkins: Check out this adorable and super modern painted pumpkins tutorial by Kara from A Kailo Chic Life.

pumkin painted

9Gilded DIY Pumpkin: Super cute and minimal to fit any decor, these pumpkins by from Yvonne are a must!

pumpkin painted gold things

10Magnolia pumpkin: In this tutorial, Kelli and Kristi from Lolly Jane share how they made this super cute pumpkin embellished with some magnolia flowers and a cute “hello” lettering with a gold metallic pen.

pumpkin painted magnolia

11Pantone Painted Punkins: If you are creative, chances are you are also obsessed with colors, and the language of colors is decoded with Pantones, so making some pumpkins mimicking the Pantone chips just make me oh so giddy!

pumpkin painted pantone

12Blue Porcelain Pumpkin: How adorable is this blue porcelain pumpkin made by Lucy from, she even has the template so you can re-create this cutie.

pumpkin painted percelain

13DIY Pun-kins: Who doesn't love a good pun? Kelly from Studio DIY took it to a whole new level with this set of super funny puns that you can put on your pumpkins, so adorable! Check the full post at Studio DIY.

pumpkin painted funny

14Rifle Paper & Co Inspired pumpkins: I am such a fan of florals and of course Rifle Paper & Co. So I had to share this post by Karen from the For all things pretty blog.

pumpkin painted riffle inspired
pumpkin painted riffle inspired

15DIY Gold Splatter Pumpkins: So messy to make (not) because those splatters are actually dots made with a gold marker! They are just so lovely to look at! Take a look at the tutorial by Kara from a Kailo Chic Life.

pumpkin painted splatter

16Pastel marbled Pumpkins: How magical-looking are these pumpkins created by dipping them in water in paint! Check out the tutorial by Lexy at

pumpkin painted splatters

17DIY Tattoed Pumpkins: I just love this take on embellished pumpkins using tattoo paper, it brings a whole new set of possibilities! Check out the post by Lexy at the

pumpkin painted tattoo

18Marbled Indigo Pumpkins: Check out this step by step tutorial to make these gorgeous indigo marbles pumpkins from the Alice & Lois blog.

pumpkin painted watercolor

19DIY Geometric Pumpkin: I love the super fun use of vinyl scraps that Haeley from Design Improvised shared with this super cute geometric Pumpkin, check how she made it in her post!

pumpkin painted vinyl

20DIY Watercolor pumpkins: These are just so cool and the color combination is endless, I love the messy look! If you do too, check out the tutorial by Brittni of the Paper n Stitch blog.

pumpkin painted modern paint

21DIY Watercolor pumpkins: How fun and colorful are these lovely pumpkins! If you want to create your own check out the tutorial by Rachel from Lines Across.

watercolor pumpkins


And of course, I could not leave behind some inspiration from Instagram that will make you want to start customizing and painting your pumpkins right away! Check out the links in the descriptions for the original IG post and Happy Pumpkin Season!

painted pumpkin lovely
[ Image by @anniequigley_artist via IG ]
painted pumpkin cute
[ Image by @anniequigley_artist via IG ]
painted pumpkin unique
[ Image by @anniequigley_artist via IG ]
painted pumpkin moderns
[ Image by @sivanayla via IG ]
painted pumpkin henna
[ Image by @sivanayla via IG ]
pumpkin paint roundup
pumpkin paint roundup

I hope you were inspired by this compilation and don't forget to pin this post if you want to save it for later!
Happy pumpkin decorating!

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pumpkin paint roundup

pumpkin paint roundup

pumpkin paint roundup

pumpkin paint roundup

pumpkin paint roundup

pumpkin paint roundup