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Sewing Caddy and detachable Pincushion Tutorial

Make a super cute sewing mat caddy with a detachable pincushion that you can place in your belt or shirt to make sewing that much more enjoyable! This sewing caddy can be customized with any fabric you like to match your craft r sewing space.

sewing caddy tutorial

When I am sewing, I hate to be reaching for a pincushion to place my pins, I am always stepping into my trashcan and searching all over for my small scissors. I am always losing my pincushion and my scissors have a magic blending power that makes them invisible to me, so I waste a bunch of time with all of that.

making a sewing caddy

Well that was until this weekend, along with sewing a Cover for our bed Comfort and pillows (That I will be showing as soon as I finish the lamps I want to revamp to go with our bed) I sew this cute little Caddy:

sewing caddy with pincushion

The best part of the pincushion is that I designed it to be detachable, this way I can pin it to the seeing caddy mat, to my belt, my shirt, or just about anything. I am having so much fun with it :)

sewing caddy top view
sewing caddy

Now let's jump into the instruction so you can make one for yourself too!

Cutting the pieces

In my case, I just sued fabric that I already had lying around, but don't worry because this little caddy doesn't use too much material, and I know that you will love the end result! I used a tan color Osnaburg fabric as a turquoise plaid, so When I am putting them together, I will refer to them by color, but in your case, they might be different colors =]

cutting the pieces
  • 2 pieces of 23×15 inches (raw color Osnaburg fabric)
  • 1 piece of 20×14 inches that you will fold in half so it will measure 20×7 inches (Turquoise fabric)
  • 4 long pieces that are 2 inches wide. (2 of 25inches and 2 of 17 inches long)
  • 2 pieces of lightweight interfacing (I use Pellon 808) 1piece of 23×15 inches and 1 piece of 20×7 inches.
  • Cutter and matching threat.

Making the sewing caddy

Iron the interfacing to the back of one of your big raw color pieces. and to the inside of the pocket (the Pellon piece will only cover half your piece because you will fold it in half)

laying the fabric

After folding your pocket (the turquoise fabric) sew the top of the fold about 1/8″ from the edge.

the pieces

Align the raw color piece that has the interfacing in the back with your pocket like in the picture and sew the left edge.

the pocket

Once it's sewed measure 1-1/2″ from the edge and make a 1-inch fold, like in the picture.

flatten the pocket

Measure how big you want your pocket and make another 1-inch fold. (I measure 6-1/2 inches and then folded)

making the button pocket

Pin the folds, cut the excess of material in the right side and sew the bottom and the right edge.

the back of the caddy

Sew the rest of the pockets you would like, I divided the rest of my space in 3 and sew from the bottom edge to the top of the pocket, then stitched to the side 1/4″ and sew back to the bottom to have a double stitch dividing my pockets.

caddy pockets ready

and your pockets are ready, now we need to make the edges.

binding the caddy

Place the other raw color piece in the back and pin both together. Place the 2 longer 2inch wide pieces in the back of your caddy.

adding binding

Pin the edges.

sew the edges

Sew about 1/8: away from the edge.

making a corner

1- Turn your piece facing up.
2- Make a small fold on the edge of your fabric.
3- Fold it again.
4- Pin it to your piece. Repeat that in both edges.

Sew the edge of your folds and cut the excess of fabric in the ends.

making the corners

Now for the top and bottom edges is almost the same process. Place the strips of fabric in the back and sew.

folding the edge

Turn the fabric facing up.

binding the corners

1- First you need to fold the end of your fabric up covering the corner.
2- Then make a small fold.
3-  Fold again.
4- and pin to secure it in place.

top and bindings done

Repeat with the other edge making sure the end folds are tight because if not the edges will not be clean.

corner detail

When sewing this edge make sure you secure the corner stitching back and forth.

Your Caddy is ready!

Making the detachable pincushion

detachable pincushion parts

You will need:

  • 1 piece of 6×8 inches folded to 6×4 inches. (Showed in the picture of the Caddy Materials too)
  • 2 pieces of 2-1/2×6 inches (Turquoise fabric).
  • 1 piece of 2-1/2×6 inches of lightweight interfacing (I use Pellon 808)
  • A thick bobby pin.
  • Glue gun.
detachable pincushion pin

Press the interfacing to 1 of the turquoise pieces of fabric and also make 1/4″ folds in both edges. (Both pieces have the folds at the ends)

Make a small cut in the center where you want the pin to be.

adding the pin

Place the bobby pin with the front side facing out to the back of your piece.

detachable pincushion glue gun pin

Apply a generous amount of hot glue in the back of your bobby pin.

Wait for the glue to get cold before continuing.

front view detachable pincushion

Sew the edges of your both pieces to your raw fabric.

the back detachable pincushion

Fold the fabric with the turquoise facing inside. and sew two edges to make a pocket. Leave the top side open to turn inside out.

Cut the excess of fabric in the corners.

inside out detachable pincushion

Turn inside out.

stuff your detachable pincushion

Stuff your pincushion.

fill up your detachable pincushion

Fold the top edge.

pin and sew

Pin it, sew all the way around the pincushion. and you are DONE!

close your pincushion
detachable pincushion back

The caddy and pincushion together

close up detachable pincushion
detachable pincushion
detachable pincushion

* This tutorial is provided for personal, use only. If you wish to sell items made with this tutorial please purchase a limited production license.
Check the Site policy at the bottom for further information. Thank you!

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Friday 28th of November 2014

Thankyou I am looking for projects or my granddaughter to make I am sure she will love this. She hasn't her own sewing machine yet but if she is keen and keeps sewing we will get her one. She has made a few things a book holder for her bed, a heat pack for her mum and one for herself. The holidays are fast approaching so she will have more time to sew. :)


Wednesday 26th of March 2014

just made it - it's lovely and so easy to follow your instructions. it will be my sister's birthday pressie as my machine has it's own table with all the drawers, shelves and pockets for accessories to hand - but hers has to sit on a table so will be perfect. thank you!

Beruta Sunaklis

Wednesday 9th of January 2013

Just finished making your amazing sewing caddy thanks to a great tutorial. Can't wait to show my mum. She will be impressed. Now to make a matching sewing machine cover.


Tuesday 14th of August 2012

Hi I absolutely love this tutorial so I mentioned it on my website.Heres the link

I will be making this caddy soon thanks


Wednesday 18th of July 2012

I just made this caddy and absolutely love it! I even included a cell phone pocket in mine, hate when I get a text mid project and my phone is buried beneath piles of fabric :)

Thanks so much for a great tutorial!