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So this week my wrist has being bothering me more than normal, ever since I changed computers and I refused to keep my old mouse pad with the wrist rest part, mainly because my new mouse is so pretty and the pad was so ugly.

I wanted to get a new one, but I realize I like it better when I'm not restricted to a small area. That's why I decided to make a pad for my wrist.

wrist rest tutorial

The pad is full with rice and little pieces of Cinnamon (I LOVE Cinnamon) so that way if I need I could heat it up and make it smell awesome plus give my wrist a little warmth therapy :)


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– Zipper (more than 7 inches long )
– Cutter and matching threat.
– 7×13 inches Piece of fabric for the inside pad (you can use an old T-shirt)
– 7.5×14 inches Piece of fabric for the outside cover.

To cut the 2 pieces what I did was fold the fabric in half and measure:

Inside (white fabric): 7×6.5 inches
Outside (stamped fabric): 7.5×7 inches

For the inside pad you will need to:

fold both edges  1/4 of an inch two times on each side of the fabric making a little bag.

Press the folds and then sew.
Fill your bag with half a pond of rise. You can also add aromatic herbs if you like.
Fold the top just like you did with the sides.
Pin and sew the top, your pad is ready!
For the outside cover you will need to:

Zig- Zag both edges (Short sides of the fabric, where you will attach the zipper)

Place the zipper and the fabric with both right side facing each other.
Sew the zipper to the edge.
turn the zipper and sew on top of it to secure it.
Face the other side of the zipper with the opposite side of the fabric.
Sew on the edge.
For this side you will not turn the zipper and sew on top, you will turn the cover inside out, make a little fold so the fabric covers the zipper.
Like this.
Then you can pin it, and sew on the edge of the flap.
Turn it again, open the zipper.
pin leaving half an inch in between the top edge and the zipper.
Sew both sides. And make sure to pass more than once over the zipper area.
Cut the zipper excess.
Secure your fabric sewing a zig-zag on both edges.
Turn and press.
Sew all the way around 1/4 of an inch from the edge. the back side of your pouch should look like this.
Now both parts are ready, stuff the pad inside the cover, and you are DONE!!



Now my wrist is feeling better, but I did learn my lesson and now I have to let my right hand rest and practice to design with my left hand again (I had to do this several times before because I work on the computer too much) Hope this could be useful to someone, and you can just enlarge the measurements to make pretty pillows :)

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  1. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    Ooh I have that same gorgeous mouse!!! This is the nicest wrist rest ever! I love that you can heat it up and cinnamon?!? Perfect! Thanks so much for this- I’ll be linking. And good luck with learning to use both hands. I wish I’d done that ages ago. Now I have to use a brace when I mouse- not fun at all!

  2. The Hungry Crafter
    The Hungry Crafter says:

    Oh, I just love this, and I am in need of one! I’ve been propping my poor wrist up on a box of staples, and, well, it’s just not that comfy OR pretty! Thanks for the tutorial — can’t wait to make it!

  3. Mary
    Mary says:

    Wonderful idea! I’m going to adapt mine by adding a strap on the back so I can heat it & use it on my sore wrist. Thanks.

  4. Grace
    Grace says:

    Great idea! I am obsessed with the rice bags that you heat up and this would be perfect for more sore computer wrist.

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