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These are all the tools and gadgets I use and love to create videos and take pictures. I broke them down into categories for easy sorting. =] If you are looking for bags for your gear, check this post I wrote about the best camera bags for women.

lets shop

I have put together a list on Amazon with all my favorite gear, check it out below or check by sections below.


When I started my blog in 2010, I used to take pictures with a small point-and-shoot. After I moved to the USA, Ken (my husband) let me borrow his DLSR, so I could learn a bit more about photography. After I started making money with my design business and felt more comfortable, I upgraded to a newer model of Canon camera ( I can't recall the model)

In 2018, I upgraded to the 80D to take better pictures of the items I was selling in my shop and also purchased the M50 when it first came out because I wanted to start making Vlogs.

m50 camera

1 Canon EOS M50 Creator Kit

I purchased this camera as a wimp when I started researching tools to make Vlogs. I know I could have just done it with my 80D (listed below) but this is such a light camera and the quality is almost as good as my big camera. I wanted something that was small and light. If I wouldn't have purchased the other one first, I would have probably stayed with just this one. And this kit has just about everything that you would need. The only extra items I purchased were a microphone (below) and a better hand-held tripod.

sigma lens

2 Sigma 16mm f/1.4 Lens

This lens has been a total game-changer. It handles low light conditions like a champ, and the bokeh in both pictures and video is spectacular! My only regret is that I didn't purchase it along with the camera, way sooner!

small microphone

3 Movo Video Microphone

I really like how small this microphone is and that it also comes with a cable that you can add to your iPhone, the sound is great, and the wind cover is wonderful.


4 SwitchPod Tripod

Before purchasing this one I purchased this GorillaPod, but it's super bulky, I like how light this one is, I purchased on Kickstarter and love it. But I still use the Gorilla Pod for attaching awkward placements. I like to add this tripod head for easy in-and-out of the base.

80D camera

5 Canon Video Creator Kit [EOS 80D] 

This is the camera kit that I currently use, I additionally purchased this 50mm fixed Lens, and also this 100mm macro lens, along with the Rode Microphone, and also a 128GB SanDisk Memory Card. I could not recommend it more, it is a big investment, but if you are considering getting an AWESOME camera for photos AND video, this is the one! (plus is much cheaper than the high-end cameras)

battery pack

6 Power Adapter Kit 

I recently found this kit for my 80D camera. With this, I can plug my camera directly into the power, this way I can keep shooting without worrying about my battery dying in the middle of a video.

LSD camera

7 LCD Monitor 

This is a very recent addition to my set-up, and I am obsessed. I had such a hard time checking if my video was in focus because of how far I set my camera, this was the cheapest option I found for the price and it's so worth it! I just had to get this cable to connect it to my 80D camera and done!

Vanguard Alta Pro tripod

8 Vanguard Alta Pro 

This was my second tripod, I started with the basic Amazon one, but this one allows me to do overhead shots. Now I have 2 systems for overhead shots that you will see below, but this tripod was what I used to start.


As many of you already know, I live in the mountains. And while it's beautiful, and I love it, I have trees that cover just about all the light that gets to our house no matter the time of the day. So proper lighting is something that I've always been fighting to achieve.

Here you can see some of my recommendations and what I used to have and also what I currently use.

light bulb

1Compact Fluorescent Photo Bulb

If your budget is small, and you want to improve your pictures, just getting one of these bulbs can make such a difference! But remember to diffuse the light in some way because it can be a little harsh.

umbrella lights

2 Umbrella Lighting Kit

This is the upgraded and basic option for lights, it uses the same bulbs I share before but includes tripods, holders, and white umbrellas to diffuse the light. One of Ken's friends gifted him a bunch of gear and something very similar to this was included, so I used it for a while.

softbox light kit

3 Softbox Lighting Kit 

This is a little more of a pro version since it has soft boxes instead of umbrellas, but it still uses the same bulbs. I upgraded my light to the ones below though because my boys kept knocking on my lights and breaking bulbs, after the 4th one that I had to replace, I just decided to go a different route.

dimmable led lights

4 Dimmable Bi-Color LED Light – 2 Pack 

These are my current light, and I am obsessed with them! I also purchased a little diffuser for them. I love how it has dimmable controls for white and also for the yellow output, so you can play with the temperature that they display. I use direct power all the time, but I love that I also have the option to use them with batteries in case I move them and there's no power close.

table tops

5 2-Light Table Top Fluorescent Lighting Kit 

I purchased this one because I wanted something easy for quick Instagram videos, and they work perfect, the light is not rough, and I still use them every once in a while.

Overhead shooting

This is the current setup I have for overhead shooting with my phone and also DLSR, below you can read about the other setup I have for my iPhone as well.

What I love the most about this is that I can set up my big camera without having to worry about it falling over or moving. The arms are fully movable and if you wanted, you can add more arms to hold your lights, microphone, and second-angle camera. It's super convenient! I first came across this idea with this video, and then this one.

table holder

1 Adjustable Desk Monitor Mount 

This is the main piece that you will need, all you have to do after you assemble it is take the plate that holds the monitor. You are going to find a little screw at the top, this is what you will use to attach the tripod head. So you can move the camera easily and in case you want to take it in and out fast.

tripod head

2 Camera Video Tripod Ball 

I really like how this tripod head allows me to move the camera freely and also take it in and out superfast. I converted all of my attachments to hold this tripod head instead, so that all my cameras and tripods are interchangeable.

extra arms for holder

3 Dual Adjustable 3 Tier Arm 

While I have not tried it, the idea of adding my lights to this rig sounds cool, I like that they offer all kinds of different add-ons that you can get for extra camera angle or gadgets. You just need a little creativity to set it up =]

iPhone overhead shooting

These are the tools I am using to film overhead videos with my iPhone, I am listing everything I've used because it could be that what I no longer use is the best option for you. I will list them progressively, since I tried many options before I found the one I REALLY like.

cell phone holder

1 Cell Phone Holder

This was the very first holder I purchased to record videos for Instagram. Unfortunately, it only worked for me until I upgraded my phone, once I had a bigger and heavier phone, it no longer holds it and it would bend over. If your phone is light, this is the perfect option to start.

card holder

2 Metal Business Holder

While this is not for overhead shots, I use this cardholder to place my phone and get a nice side view when lettering small words, it's perfect for a close-up for IG.

microphone holder

3 Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom 

This is the exact holder I use for my phone, all I did was take the microphone attachment out and added the phone holder listed below, BUT now I also use it with the bigger video rig holder as well. I also always have extra screws in case I need a smaller one or bigger one.

iphone holder

4 Phone Tripod Mount

This is the first phone holder I purchased, I really like it, but my new phone fits far too tight, so now I use the one below.

big camera holder

5 Smartphone Video Rig

Since I kept changing my phone, I decided to just get this thing, and that way I would not have to change the holder every time I changed the phone. I attach this to my overhead rig and hold my phone and extra stuff super easy!

cell phone holder

6 Phone Video Stand

This stand has the phone alder already included, so if you want to just buy one thing instead of two separate things, this is perfect for you.

iPhone add-ons

I used to only record video using my cell phone at one point, so I tested and added a bunch of add on's to make my pictures and video better and easier to take. Here are some of my favorites.

moment lens

1 Moment – Wide Lens

This is my absolute favorite lens for my iPhone, whenever I am showing things on IG I usually do it using this lens, it makes such a difference! The only downside is that to use it, you need a special phone case.

iphone holder

2 iPhone Case for Moment lens

This is the case I use with my lenses, it's super simple to attach them, I have been eyeing this other case, but they don't have it for my phone right now, so I'm saving it for the future.

macro lens

3 Moment – Macro Lens

I have 3 Moment lenses right now, and this one is one that I have definitely not played enough with. It's super cool, I just need more time to be able to test it more =]

moment case

4 Moment – Lens Travel Case

This was on my wish list because I am carrying my lenses in a pencil case right now. But I think I might just attempt to make a DIY case for them, so I can fit some extra stuff as well.

gimbal for cellphone

5Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

I purchased this gimbal before our last vacation to Chile because I wanted to make videos of our trip. I love how easy it is to set up and how smooth the footage looks, I don't know if I would buy it again since it doesn't hold my DLSR camera, but it's still a cool gadget.

Extra gear and stuff

yeti microphone

1 Blue Yeti Microphone 

While this is obviously not a camera, good sound is such an important part of creating videos. I am starting to work more on adding voice-over to my videos, and this is such a wonderful microphone, it has great reviews too.

pop filter

2 Microphone Pop Filter

One of the things that I found plenty of people recommended when purchasing the Blue Yeti was this pop filter, and while I never tested the sound without it, I trust that it's doing the job it's supposed to he-he.

microphone case

3 Protective Case for Rode

I found the hard way that the Rode microphone that came with my camera is fragile (I broke it on our last trip to Chile) So Ken used superglue and brought it back to life, now I only transport it in this case.

velcro straps

4 VELCRO Thin Ties

I am obsessed with these for cable management, it's so easy to grab one and just roll those cables out. And now that I am using one stand to hold my set-up, I use these all the time.

camera backpack

5 Camera backpack

I wanted something big enough to carry both my cameras if necessary and this backpack does a beautiful job, it's a little bigger than I thought it was going to be, but I love it!


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