Content creation

These are all the tools and gadgets I use and love to create videos and take pictures, I broke them down in categories for easy sorting =]

If you are looking for bags for your gear, check this post I wrote with the best camera bags for women.




When I first started my blog in 2010, I used to take pictures with a point and shoot. After I moved to the USA, Ken (my husband) let me borrow his DLSR so I could learn a bit more about photography after I started making money with my design business and felt more comfortable, I upgraded to a newer model of Canon camera ( I can't recall the model)

In 2018 I upgraded to the 80D to take better pictures of the items I was selling in my shop and also purchased the M50 when it first came out because I wanted to start making Vlogs.



As many of you already know, I live in the mountains. And while it's beautiful and I love it, I have trees that cover pretty much all the light that gets to our house no matter the time of the day. So proper lighting is something that I've always been fighting to achieve.

Here you can see some of my recommendations and what I used to have and also what I currently use.


Overhead shooting

This is the current set up I have for overhead shooting with my phone and also DLSR, below you can read about the other set up I have for my iPhone as well.

What I love the most about this is that I can set up my big camera without having to worry about it falling over or moving. The arms are fully movable and if you wanted, you can add more arms to hold your lights, microphone and second angle camera. It's super convenient!

I first came across this idea with this video, and them this one.


iPhone overhead shooting

These are the tools I am using to film overhead videos with my iPhone, I am listing everything I've used because it could be that what I no longer use is the best option for you.

I will list them progressively since I tried many options before I found the one I REALLY like.


iPhone add ons

I used to only record video using my cell phone at one point, so I tested and added a bunch of add on's to make my pictures and video better and easier to take. Here are some of my favorites.


Extra gear and stuff





Lettering & calligraphy tools

A compilation of everything that is in my toolbox & why I love them

Content creation gear

A list of all the gear, tools and gadgets I use to make videos and take pictures

My business resources

A list of all the tools I use to run both my blog and lettering business
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