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Cute pencil cases: Cool pens storage to carry them in style + get organized

Check some cute pencil cases for all your lettering and calligraphy pens and tools, from small and portable to boxes and high capacity pencil pouches.

the best pencil cases

I am pretty obsessed with storage for my lettering and calligraphy tools, and pencil cases are a big part of my obsession. So today I am covering some options that might work for you!

I am also adding a special section for horizontal storage since that is the best way to store brush pens.

So get ready for some eye candy in the shape of pencil cases!

Pencil pouch

For this first section, I wanted to cover options that are big enough to store a variety of pens for when you are on the go. I like having a small sample for brush pens, pencils, and also erasers along with a small ruler. The pouches below are perfect for that.

multi pocket pencil case

1Pencil Pouch with 3 separations

This canvas pencil case measures 4.7×7.9 inch (12X20cm). With three pockets separated with zippers, you can organize your pens, and easily find what you want.

cute pencil case

2Plaid white cute pencil case

With two zippers and a large middle pocket, this pencil case can accommodate up to 50 pens/pencils The front window design allows you to clearly see and organize your pens and tools. The front handle makes it easy to carry and hold.

pink pencil case

3Pen Pouch Bag with Multiple Compartment

This pencil case provides large capacity storage with a well-made inner structure. It has elastic loops and multiple compartment to store your pens and writing tools. The main compartment can fit up to 50-80 pens and pencils; the interior mesh design provides roomy space for keeping smaller items like a ruler, erasers, washi tape, etc.

white pencil case

4Pencil case pouch with 3 compartments

This is a high storage pencil case measures 8.7 x 3.1x 3.9 inches. Allowing up to 50 slim pencils and other small items. The rectangular design can hold 8-inches extra-long pencils. With three compartments you can separate and organize multiple writing items.

wide pencil case

5Pencil Case with extended center

The pencil case is made of high-quality canvas fabric with a smooth zipper that opens an extendable center that allows you to store and find pens easily. (It pairs so well with my DIY laptop bag).

small pink pencil case

6Small hard shell apple pencil case

This small hard shell allows you to carry and protect your apple pencil and also carry a small selection of pens or tools.It has a lightweight protective cover, stylish and user-friendly. The incorporated mesh pocket and elastic band allow you to stow small accessories while keeping your Apple Pencil safe.

Cute pencil cases for larger storage

I of course had to make a special category for all of us that are obsessed with pens and like to have LOTS of them! All the pencil cases below allow you to store big quantities of either color pencils or just a lot for different brush pens or writing tools.

cute letters pencil case

1Arteza Artist Pencil Case Organizer

Each case has 64 elastic slots that can hold up to 205 pencils and also works for storing pens, markers, erasers and other artist supplies. This pencil case features compartments that keep your tools separated, plus a front pocket to store additional supplies and accessories.

high capacity pencil case

2Deluxe PU Leather Pencil Holder

This folder-style pencil case with multi-layer compartments makes it easy to organized pencils by color family, or kind. Once you unzip it, you have access to ALL the pages and colors. It has 170 individual slots (167 pencil slots and 3 larger slots for eraser or sharpener), each pencil has its own place in this case.

cute pencil case
cute pencil case

3Multi-level cactus pencil case

This pencil case has a multi-layer compartment that can store up to 202 colored pencils or 136 gel pen markers. The cover is made of polyester Oxford fabric, the storage bag has 64 slots with elastic bands to make it easy to fit and remove your pencil and organize your writing and coloring tools.

floral pencil case
floral pencil case

4Extra Large Capacity Floral pencil case

The bag is made from durable and waterproof easy to clean material. The sturdy double zippered design ensures a safe transit. There are 140 elastic slots total. Each slot is 1 inch long and can hold up to 3 pencils or 2 brush pens or markers.

Pencil box

Box storage is a great way to protect your pens when you carry them from one place to another. Or just to take advantage of how most of them are clear so that you can organize, and access them easily.

pencil box tool box

1ArtBin 2 Art Supply Box

The ArtBin box is designed to store all of your arts and crafts supplies such as paint brushes, markers, paints, stamps, glues and more all in one place. The quick access in-lid storage can be used to store smaller items, and it's perfect to organize your pens and other writing tools, while the large open area in the bottom of the box allows for storage of bulkier supplies such as paint bottles, large stamp pads, scissors, glues, vinyl rolls and more.

pencil box storage

1Large Capacity Pencil Box Pack of 6

Durable large storage box for organizing your pens and writing tools. Translucent clear design with snap-tight lid and handles to keep contents secure. Holds 100+ pencils, 50+ pens, 30+ markers, or 152 crayons. The exterior Dimensions are 8.46″ L x 3.94″ W x 1.77″ H and the interior Dimensions are 7.48″ L x 3.35″ W x 1.38″ H.

pencil case art box

2Arteza Art Markers & Pens Organizer

Designed to make organizing your markers a breeze, each slot holds your supplies upright and securely in interior panels. With an adjustable strap with shoulder padding, it’s lightweight and comfortable enough to carry.

box pen storage

3Clear Light Blue Plastic Multipurpose Box

I really like the selection of colors and different pens and other tools that Tomow added to this pack, you have pretty much everything you need to further your practice and experiment with color without having to buy the full 12 pack of dual brushes, and since it's a bundle you get a better deal.

clear pencil case

4Large Capacity Pencil Case

This clear pencil case measures 8.07 x 5.9 x 3.15 inches. And with a clear front and back, its easy to see your pencils and avoid the endless searching when looking for a specific pencil or color.

clear pencil case

5Clear Pencil Case with Zipper

This clear pencil case pack of 10 cases are about 7.87 x 3.15 x 1.38 inch (L x H x W), the pencil bags are made of high quality PVC plastic, with an easy to open and close smooth zipper.

Rolled pencil case

One thing that I love about rolled pencil cases is that you have a full view of all the pencils at once. If you want to maybe try and make your own, I have a tutorial right here.

rolled pencil case

1Pens rolled case for up to 72 pens

This grey canvas rolled pencil case has elastic dividers for 72 thin pencils, or a few less brush pens. It measures 7.65 x 4.3 x 1.5 inches.

small rolled pencil case

2Roll UP Washable Canvas Pencil Bag

Made from canvas fabric secured with faux leather ties. It looks nice and it allows you to have full view of all your pecils at once. It has space for 72 pencils or other drawing or writing tools.

black rolled up pencil case

3Canvas Pencil Case Roll up

This rolled pencil case is made out of 100% Canvas fabric, making it durable & washable. It measures 22.6 x 7.6 inches and has 72 elastic slots. It also has a flap on the edge of the roll to protect the tip of pencils and prevent them from sliding out.

rolled pencil case

4Art Color Pencils Set of 48 pcs with rolled pencilcase

This set includes a wide variety of 48 different colouring pencils, in a super convenient roll up washable black canvas case to keep it nicely stored. The case has elastic loops that keep everything neatly organized.

Horizontal pen storage

I had to add a special category for the horizontal options since they are so important when it comes to brush pens. We want to keep pens horizontally so that the ink won't be only on one end of the pen and clog. I have the last option I am sharing here, but I really like the other options as well.

black horizontal pencil case

1Horizontal Marker Storage Trays

These are perfect to store markers horizontally to prevent them from drying. Each of the 6 trays will hold 12 pens for a total of 72 pens, the trays can be customized and build either horizontally, vertically or angled. Made from 100% recycled plastic they will accommodate most pens and pen systems.

clear horizontal pencil case

2Stackable Cube Pen Organizer

This cube measures 6 x 6 x 6 inches to allow you to organize your craft supplies or office tools, and store everything from pens, and crayons to highlighters and tape for a clutter-free creative space or work area. The dividers are removable to fit your individual needs. You can easily store office supplies using the dividers or remove one of them to make room for larger items thanks to the modular system.

clear horizontal pencil case

3Marker Storage Pack

Each rack can be stacked vertically or connected horizontally for unlimited storage flexibility. They can be stacked straight up and down or on a slight angle. This pack contains six racks that will accommodate up to seventy-two markers; pens or other items with a diameter of up to 5/8 inch.

stocked boxes horizontal pencil case

4Plastic 3-Drawer Desk Organizer

This cube measures 6.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches. With three pull-out drawers that allow you to store pens and office supplies while still being accessible, thanks to the clear design. Organiz and grab your pens easily and fast. The knobs make opening and closing the drawers quick and easy.

stackable clear boxes

5Stackable clear boxes

These are the exact ones that I use to store most of my brush pens, I made some separators so I can have 3 sections per box and I have 4 boxes that allow me to store a big part of my brush pens while still being able to see them and pick what I need easily.

My Amazon list for pen storage

If you are looking for more ideas for pens, calligraphy and lettering tool storage, I have an Amazon list that has not only all the containers and cases I have and use, but also most of the most recommended and popular ones too.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and stay warm =]

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Friday 15th of June 2012

Beautiful choices! I love the yarn lamp!


Sunday 15th of January 2012

OMG that 3rd lamp is SO. GORGEOUS.


Saturday 3rd of December 2011

loved those fortune teller lamps

The So-Called Wife

Friday 2nd of December 2011

I love all of these, especially #2 and #3! They're so fun and stylish!