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After the re-design of my blog a couple of months ago I knew I needed new business cards so as a part of my preparation for Alt Summit I decided to finally make them. I really wanted a handmade feel to them because that's what my blog is all about, so printing cards was not really appealing to me in this case. I had so many ideas but very little time to actually dedicate to make them, so it had to be simple and cute. After a few hours of stamping, printing, cutting and taping, here is the result =]

Business Cards

hand stamp business cards

The first thing that came to my mind when I thought about my business cards was the leftover, super cute, wood, handmade ladybugs that were going to be part of our wedding favors, but since we decided to go a different route, they were gathering dust in a box. That's when there was a bright light that went off in my head! I had about 200 tiny ladybugs with double stick tape on the bottom so you can stick them wherever you want.

My next step was to order a few custom stamps from Jessica of JLMould, she made a couple of stamps before so I knew I wanted her to make these ones (If you ever need custom stamps go to her!) I also got a few different shades of turquoise cardboard, glassine envelopes and gathered my puncher and the Japanese tape that inspired the pattern used in my blog design.

NOTE: Jessica from JLMould was kind enough to offer a 5% off in all stamps for the HowJoyful readers using the code: JLMould – Thank you Jessica!!

My first idea was to make little craft bags the same size as a business card. Even tho to me they looked super cute, it was way too time consuming (the craft paper envelope part), even using a cutting machine. So I only made a few trial ones of those.

kraft paper business card

I opted for just using glassine bags that were the perfect size. I printed a little greeting explaining that ladybugs are a very popular lucky charm in Chile and punched with a scalloped round punch. Stamped both the card that I cut out of the turquoise cardboard and the front of the glassine bag so I can put one on top of the other and tape the corners.

So in order to get to the ladybug (in the pictures doesn't really show that you can see the ladybug through the glassine envelope) people have to only un-tape one of the corners, I didn't tape the glassine bag shut either, because it would have been too much work for the poor people getting the cards hehe. After witnessing people opening the bags and taking the ladybugs out I can say that everyone seemed to enjoy it =] Below you can see what the little envelope contained.

While exchanging business cards at Alt summit, I received very positive feedback and it seemed that everyone loved the fact that it had a goodie in it. And I really loved how the back of the ladybug note has a QR code to 8] -> Nerd smile!

So there you go! the HowJoyful business cards =]

ps. Amy Butler said that from now on every time she saw a ladybug she was going to remember me – not that she will actually remember me – she will probably think of the crazy girl with the ladybug story that she met at the Alt Summit white party – LOL I think it's still pretty awesome!

I hope you all have a lovely day!



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26 replies
  1. Marissa @ Sea Flower Studios
    Marissa @ Sea Flower Studios says:

    Love them! I would feel so special if I received this business card and would definitely hold onto it and remember you. Makes me want to rethink my business cards now! I’ll add another “do-to” to the growing list!

  2. Stephanie Elizabeth {Fab You Bliss}
    Stephanie Elizabeth {Fab You Bliss} says:

    These are really cute Joy! And I agree with Marissa, I would feel so special if I received one of these with all the work that went into making them. Brilliant idea! I’ve been thinking more and more I need to make some business cards as well. I haven’t got to far in the design thought process though. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Thank you Stephanie! I can’t wait to see yours once you are done with them! I bet they will be gorgeous =]

  3. Sara
    Sara says:

    Those are the cutest business cards I have ever seen! I love that they’re handmade and the addition of the ladybug was so cute, and it proved to be quite effective! You’re a genius, Joy!

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Hehe thank you so much Sara! I should have though about the ladubugs before, they have been sitting there for almost 2 years! =] I’m happy I finally found a project for them

  4. Marcia (123 blog)
    Marcia (123 blog) says:

    Your cards are just gorgeous. I’d be honoured to get one.

    And… So sorry they were so mean to you. You are sooooo lovely, it’s totally undeserved!

  5. Tabitha
    Tabitha says:

    I’m totally gonna get a QR stamp now- nerds unite! We did snag those front row seats after all…

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Those stamps are the best! and they do work! (For some reason I thought that they might not work with a stamp) =] we are such nerds :P

  6. Emily
    Emily says:

    I absolutely adore the little lady bugs – so great! I’ve just found your blog and it’s great!

  7. Ashlea
    Ashlea says:

    So sad I didn’t get a chance to meet you at Alt! Your cards are adorable! Love your blog :)

  8. Kimberley - Dream. Delight. Inspire.
    Kimberley - Dream. Delight. Inspire. says:

    These are the cutest business cards I’ve ever seen. The fact that they are handmade would make the receiver feel like they had received something to treasure above their other cards. The stamp idea is wonderful and your logo is stunning (just the right combo of stylish and cute)! x

  9. Silver Pencils
    Silver Pencils says:

    Love your new cards Joy! And the fact that there’s a little treasure inside just makes them all the more awesome- love ’em! BTW- Go 909! Even though we’re in Wyoming- I’ve still kept my 909 number for my cell :)

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Thank you Brandi! I love the 909 too now =] that’s why is the only thing I didn’t fake from my cell number hehe =]

  10. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    I bet everyone else was envious that your cards were SO cute and that you went the extra mile to include a small gift! Congrats on a creative and fab blog. I look forward to your next creation! Thanx. >…Jenny

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