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I love dressing Curly up, and the best part is that he goes crazy when he hears Velcro because he thinks its something for him to wear, he's so cute!  In the past I've made Curly a lot of clothes, being my favorite a little hoodie jacket that matches a pair of shorts I made for Ken. Both of them loved it!

Last week I made him A little formal vest with a tie shape! and I wanted to share how I made his last little jacket in case someone else wants to try it. This is how it looks:


[ Click on images to enlarge]

First get your materials, this is what I used:

1 white old shirt
1 black old shirt (Small piece)
A small piece of red felt

Measure your pet's back to figure the length of the jacket, around his waist for the width (for this piece we will only use half of the total measurement) and his neck for the straps to the front. As indicated on the picture.
Cut 2 pieces like the one in the picture, you will be using one of them for the front (to attach the vest) and the other one as the liner.
Cut 1 piece in black, it doesn't have to be exactly the same because we will cut it in the shape of the vest.
Cut the vest shape as you like.
Cut the tie and shirt neck, and sew everything together.
I started sewing the shirt and tie, then pin the vest and finish sewing.
Add Velcro to the end of the straps in opposite sides, as shown in the picture.
Face the 2 pieces with the fronts on the inside and sew around leaving one of the sides open to attach the waist strap.
Cut a double stripe and sew the edges, add Velcro at the end and measure so it will fit comfortably around your pet's waist.
Fold everything inside out and press, after that sew the stripe with Velcro to the open side, attach the opposite piece of Velcro on the other side.
Sew around the whole thing to secure and you are DONE!

TA DA! the vest is ready for your fur-baby!

And here some more pictures of my model Curly with his new look, rocking the vest!

Hope someone else can try it! is a very fun project and I know your Pet will love it too!

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  1. Ali @ His Birdie's Nest
    Ali @ His Birdie's Nest says:

    I don't know what is cuter, the vest or Curly? But together it's almost to much cute to bare!

  2. rossi
    rossi says:

    hermoso, se lo haré a mi perrito con la ayuda de Dios. mil gracias, está divino. saludos


  3. lidia
    lidia says:

    estaba buscando algo asi ,,,mi perro es igual al del modelo,,,si me resulta te envio foto

  4. pandu
    pandu says:

    hey dis dog is cute..can u even teach us how to make a doggy soft toy as u taught us a cute teddy????

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