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DIY Shoes for babies: Sew the cutest baby shoes with these tutorials

Today's roundup of the tutorial theme is baby shoes! I haven't had the chance to make any yet, mostly because I rather wait to see if I'll be making a baby boy or baby girl shoes. And on the wait, I've found some awesome free tutorials that I wanted to share with all of you! So let's thank this great ladies for making this cool tutorials and patterns =]

baby shoes round up

1- Little Man shoes by Shauna at Shwin and shwin
2- Mila Baby shoe by Laura at Fleeting thing
3- Kimono shoes by Aimee at My home spun threads
4- Modern Baby Bootie by Carrie at Tao of craft

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
PS. I only have 5 1/2 more weeks to go! Eeek =]

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Friday 15th of March 2013

I just love the baby shoes...I am having trouble with getting the patterns...Could you help me out please....Thanks so much...


Tuesday 28th of August 2012

I've done the kimono shoes as a gift for a friend - tey are very easy to sew and pretty cute when done!

ada smith

Monday 27th of August 2012

Those shoes are very lovely. They are so cute. I think it will be more adorable if the babies will wear them.


Sunday 26th of August 2012

So cute!! saving this to make for my friends

Maria Banos

Saturday 25th of August 2012

love your page! I look forward to every friday to see what you are coming up with and these shoes are soooooooooo adorable! thanks