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A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to make Conner a warm hat for our outdoor adventures (not that we actually go outside much when it's snowing) but he definitely needed something thicker than what he had.

Luckily I had different colors of fleece for projects that I still haven't had the chance to make, so I used small pieces and made him a cute little hat with teddy bear ears. And as usual, I wanted to share a tutorial and the pattern so you can make some too, and keep the babies in your life warm and cozy!

Oh and remember to scroll all the way to the bottom to download the pattern =]

Teddy bear beanie pattern


Turquoise teddy bear hat

The first hat I made (when I made this tutorial) was a month and a half ago, so Peanut was only 2 and a half months, I made the hat just like the pattern I'm sharing, but he grew out of it pretty fast, so I made a second one (photo below) adding 1/4″ around the pattern.

Beanie with ears


Just so you can see the difference in size, this is how his first hat fit after only 2 months hehe!

Beanie with ears


Since I made this pattern measuring Conner and not with an actual hat, I'm not sure about the sizes. The best way to be sure the hat will fit your baby perfectly is to measure the circumference and then measure the pattern, that's what I did for the second hat, I just added 1/2″ total to the width of the pattern. But you can also just use your copy machine and make the whole pattern bigger.

Teddy bear beanie


Now that I've warned all of you about the sizing, let's start making this cute hat!

list of materials

  1. Approx. 1/2 yard of fleece, if you make it in one color you only need 1/2 yard, if you make it in 2 colors, get 1/2 yard of each and that will be good for 2 hats.
  2. Scissors
  3. Sewing machine (or treat and needle if you want to make them by hand)
  4. Marking Pen
  5. Pins

⇊ Scroll all the way to the bottom to download the pattern ⇊



After you download the pattern (at the end of this post) cut the pieces you need and I'll go over how to assemble it now!

Teddy bear beanie tutorial


1- First you need to cut your pieces, in this picture you can see the 4 pieces for the ears and the two for the hat body. I left 1/4″ of seam allowance for mine.

Teddy bear beanie tutorial


2- Place the earpieces with the right side facing in and sew around the edge.

Teddy bear beanie tutorial


3- Turn the ears inside out, then fold the ends toward the center, just as the picture shows, once you have them in that shape pin them in place.

Teddy bear beanie tutorial


4- Fold the hat body in half right side facing in an sew the back and the front.

Teddy bear beanie tutorial


5- Repeat the previous step with the inside piece of the hat.

Teddy bear beanie tutorial


6- Place the hat with the front facing towards you.

Teddy bear beanie tutorial


7- Pin the hears to the body as shown the picture, ears facing down with the front facing the front of the hat.

Teddy bear beanie tutorial


8- Pin the rest of the top opening so it's easier to sew.

Teddy bear beanie tutorial


9- Repeat with the inside piece, and if you want you can add ears to this too and make the hat reversible, I chose to have one side with ears and the other one without.

Teddy bear beanie tutorial


10- Turn the hat inside out.

Teddy bear beanie tutorial


11- Place the body pieces one inside the other with the right sides facing each other.

Teddy bear beanie tutorial


12- Pin them in place for easy sewing.

Teddy bear beanie tutorial


13- Sew all the way around leaving a small opening in the back.

Teddy bear beanie tutorial


14- Turn the hat inside out.

Teddy bear beanie tutorial


15- Pin the opening shut and topstitch all the way around the edge of the hat.

Teddy bear beanie tutorial


16- After topstitching you can iron the seams so your hat is ready to warm up your baby's head and ears!

Beanie with ears


I am so bummed he grew out of the white hat so fast, but that's the good part about this patterns being simple, they are fairly easy to make so I just have to make more!

Sleeping baby

He is not much of a hat baby, he always tries to take them off, but I just pull it back in. I really like the coverage of the ears and I made the back kind of low so his neck is protected from the back too.


Beanie with ears

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list of materials

  1. Approx. 1/2 yard of fleece, if you make it in one color you only need 1/2 yard, if you make it in 2 colors, get 1/2 yard of each and that will be good for 2 hats.
  2. Scissors
  3. Sewing machine (or treat and needle if you want to make them by hand)
  4. Marking Pen
  5. Pins


The pattern is a PDF file, the link goes direclty to Dropbox, but you don't need an account to view it, you will need Abobe Reader or a similar program once the file is downloaded.


I hope you enjoy the pattern and I will love to see pictures if you make some for your babies or to give as presents!

USAGE: This tutorial is provided for personal use only. If you wish to sell items made with this tutorial please purchase a limited production license. Check out our site policy for information on intellectual property, this content is copyrighted by Joy Kelley of HowJoyful, Thank you! 



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  1. xfallenmoon
    xfallenmoon says:

    these hats are so cuuuuuuuuuuuute. i would totally wear one myself! ah! lol. if i were to make one of these for my son, i would have to add a chin strap, cause he always takes his hats off!! xD

    love, x

  2. Michele
    Michele says:

    I saw the hat and thought “That’s the cutest thing ever!” and then I scrolled down to see it on your little guy. So I was wrong THAT is the cutest thing ever!

  3. Sally
    Sally says:

    This is just too cute! Thank you for sharing the pattern and the wonderful picture of Peanut.

  4. Kisty
    Kisty says:

    Baby Peanut is so cute, especially when he’s wearing the hat! <3 Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial with us. :)

  5. Tyler Anne
    Tyler Anne says:

    This is absolutely adorable! Great DIY! Passing it along to my friends with little kiddies!

  6. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Your little peanut was already just too adorable…the little hat makes him extra and doubly adorable! Love it…looks really warm too!

  7. Sanae
    Sanae says:

    merci beaucoup joy je vais faire une pour mon neveu je suis marocaine et vraiment j’adore ce site il est vraiment JOYFUL ^_^

  8. maria lidia
    maria lidia says:

    lindo, muiiiiito lindo. parabens e muito obrigada por compartilhar seus belos trabalhos.

  9. Ivonne
    Ivonne says:

    Me gusta muchisimo. Llegué aquí buscando una plantilla para un gorro de adulto y regalarlo. Me gustaría hacer este, alguna sugerencia para hacerlo más grande sin que pierda las proporciones? :) Saludos.

  10. Rene
    Rene says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your patterns. I have made about 10 bears in various sizes as gifts for friends and family and my grandchildren.. Tonight I made my first little hat for my 9 week old grandson, and cannot wait to see what he looks like with his matching bear and hat…

  11. Kristin
    Kristin says:

    Hi Joy,
    I’m rather new to sewing and was looking for a gift for my friend’s new arrival. This hat is too sweet! Your instructions and pictures have been such a help for my first hat. I can’t wait to make more— thank you!

  12. Marietoni
    Marietoni says:

    hi! i was wondering on how i could change the measurements? my baby is a year old and i think this pattern would be a tad bit small…

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      I would probably measure around her head and see how much bigger it needs to be, then you can add that much around the pattern to make it bigger, just an idea ;)

  13. Steff
    Steff says:

    Thank you for that wonderfuil pattern. I already made 3 hats for my little girl, but without the ears. Fits perfect!!

  14. Flavia
    Flavia says:

    Hello Joy, I’m Flavia and I’ve just follow this pattern. First of all, thank you very much for publishing so many tutorials. Second, I only wanted to tell you that my “results” with this pattern are going to be published in my blog on February the 11th. Of course with a reference and link to your blog.
    I’ve read you are Chilean, so you will understand the post. Why am I writing in English? Well… I try to write in the language the blog is written (English or Spanish… jajaja).
    Thank you very much.

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Muchas gracias por avisarme Flavia =] I’ll look at the post once it’s live! I hope to see you around here!!


  15. Christina
    Christina says:

    do I need to cut the inside fabric on the fold on the WRONG side of the fabric or can I cut them both on the fold on the right side of the fabric?

  16. Beverly Akins
    Beverly Akins says:

    I can’t get the hat pattern nor can I print directions for neither the baby’s hat nor the teddy bear. I could print bear pattern but no directions.

  17. Jagoda
    Jagoda says:

    I love it! I made one for my 5 month old daughter Zosia and she is so cute in this. Thanks for that awesome pattern and greetings from Warsaw :)

  18. nadja
    nadja says:

    thank you so much for this pattern and tutorial! i made some hats for friend’s babies and my own. it fits perfectly, so the babies have always has warm ears. i really love it! best wishes and regards from berlin.

  19. Ellie
    Ellie says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. The hat is adorable. I think am going to add chin straps, because otherwise my little one will just pull the hat off.

  20. ask
    ask says:

    After looking into a number of the blog articles on your blog, I really appreciate your way of writing a blog.
    I saved it to my bookmark webpage list and will be checking back
    soon. Take a look at my web site too and let me know your opinion.

  21. Mary
    Mary says:

    What a cute hat! I was wondering if you think this would work with a non-stretch fabric like flannel on the outside, with a fleece lining?

  22. Anne
    Anne says:

    I’ll try it for my BabyBoy… your hat is so cute :-)
    He’s 4 months now and winter is coming, so it will be perfect ;)
    thanks for this pattern and your sharing

  23. Janis
    Janis says:

    Thanks for your generosity in sharing this lovely hat. From a grateful Grand Ma in Dordogne, France.

  24. Mamandine
    Mamandine says:

    Thank you very much for your pattern ! I’m french and don’t understand all the things you say but with the photographies it’s perfect!

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