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Cube storage: Making storage boxes out of cardboard

Make custom storage boxes to fit any cube storage system with cardboard, I am sharing how I made mine and made them with double-layer cardboard to have them as sturdy as possible for a durable and affordable option. Cover them with fabric or paper, to make them match your room! Oh, and if you want to check how I make them fit other spaces, check this post!

storage cube

Last year I purchased a Whitmor 4 Storage Cubes in White to organize some of my craft boxes, and even though they work, those particular ones are not like the old, resistant, and super durable ones that Ken had. So when he decided to toss his (because there were some connectors missing) I decided to restore them instead, at a very low cost, $5.50 to be exact.

Now even though I know that the restoration of those cubes might not apply to many people because restoring is a unique process, I do think that the cardboard cubes I made for the inside can be a super cool alternative if you have a cube system!

Restoring the mesh cube structure

My plan was to make cardboard cubes to go inside and a top surface to cover the missing connectors. So here I will share with all of you how I made everything, maybe something in here can come in handy to some of you =]

mesh cube storage

I started fixing the top of the cubes, where the missing connectors where, I added 2 little pieces of scrap wood, one on top and one under the top panels, I made wholes with a nail and hammer, then tied everything together with wire on the back side, so once I set the cover the wire will not be visible.

I started fixing the top of the cubes, where the missing connectors where, I added 2 little pieces of scrap wood, one on top and one under the top panels, I made wholes with a nail and hammer, then tied everything together with wire on the back side, so once I set the cover the wire will not be visible.

restoring the cube storage

Making the cardboard cubes

Then I cut all the pieces for the cardboard cubes. I wanted them to be sturdy, so I used 2 layers for each piece. To glue them together I used paper packaging tape fiberglass-reinforced from Staples. I like to use a kitchen sponge and a bowl of water instead of the tools they offer for it (to me it's just the same)

making storage cube carboard

So basically for each cube you will need 5 parts, but since my cardboard was not thick enough for the sides and fronts I end up cutting double number of parts and taping them together, if you have double thick cardboard you will not need to cut double. it just makes it sturdier.

putting all the pieces together

Now that you have your parts, if like me you only had single sheets of cardboard you can tape 2 sides together so they hold better, I taped the tops all the way and I put a little piece on the bottoms just to hold them together.

cardboard pieces

Storage cube handles

For the handles, since I wanted all of them looking the same I made a template, with a sheet of paper I cut the total width of the front part folded in half and mark all my measurements, to make the curves on the bottom I used a glass.

storage cube handles

To cut the handles I used an x-acto knife and cut them one by one, I rather go through all the work than try to save a cut and pile 2 or more, because sometimes that ruins all of them, so just go one by one =]

cutting the handles cube

For the inside of the handles, I cut a piece of tape of the exact size of the top and curves, marked the center with a pen and then marked the width, because I made cuts on both sides. And I only watered one side of the paper tape when applying so I could focus on that side and once I had one side perfect I moved to the other.

adding tape to the handles

Assembling the storage cube

In this case, I think the image speaks for itself, this is how I assemble them =]

assembling the cube storage

And now your cardboard cubes are ready! I want to show you how mine looked along with the mesh storage before we cover the cubes to make them a little more pretty!

The cubes with the storage

For the top of my cubes I cut an old piece of plywood I found in the garage,  the exact measurement is 16x 32 inches. So after having my cubes and top surface ready it was time to paint and get prettify!

cubes with the storage mesh
adding a top to the cubes

Covering the cubes

I used normal gift wrapping paper I had saved for the cubes, and even though I was going to make two polka-dots and two plain turquoises I loved the way the polka-dots look, so I went with that for all of them.

coveringg the cubes with wrapping paper

I dissolved 1 cup of tacky glue in half a cup of water, with a sponge brush applied to once surface at a time, I rolled the outside of the cube-like this and then cut the excess of paper on the top (later on I added tape on the top to have a clean finish) as for the bottom, I just folded like a gift wrapping box and glue everything with tons of glue, because there is never too much glue, OK maybe there is, so don't go crazy with it =]

the organization cubes restored

I painted my piece of plywood with white primer and to secure it to the cubes I used some leftover pieces of glue Velcro (it actually holds pretty good, but only prevents from moving around, if I force it will come off)

detail of your cubes

I used this to store all the old t-shirts, curtains, and materials I have for the upcycle project. Because let's be honest, all of those items are not cute until after you finish with them =] The boxes are perfectly sized, sturdy and so far it has worked great =]

organize cubes

Since I already had the cardboard, plywood, Velcro and the paper packaging tape. The restoring only cost me $2.50 for the paint and $3.00 for the 2 rolls of gift wrapping paper, so for $5.50 as the grand total, I will call this a success. After all, it's not going to the central piece in my sewing room, just my upcycle material organizer =]

cardboard storage cubes
details of cardboard storage

I hope you all enjoy and get inspired to make some cubes!

You can make them fit any space you feel you can take advantage of with them, craft ON, and have a wonderful day!


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