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Last year I purchased a Whitmor 4 Storage Cubes in White to organize some of my craft boxes, and even tho they work, those particular ones are not like the old, resistant and super durable ones that Ken had. So when he decided to toss his, because there were some connectors missing, I decided to restore them at a very low cost, $5.50 to be exact.

Now even though I know that this tutorial might not apply to many people because restoring is a unique process, I do think that since I made cardboard cubes to fit inside, those can be used with or without a structure to insert them. So here it goes =]

My plan was to make cardboard cubes to go inside and a top surface to cover the missing connectors. So here I will share with all of you how I made everything, maybe something in here can come handy to some of you =]

I started fixing the top of the cubes, where the missing connectors where, I added 2 little pieces of scrap wood, one on top and one under the top panels, I made wholes with a nail and hammer, then tied everything together with wire on the back side, so once I set the cover the wire will not be visible.

Then I cut all the pieces for the cardboard cubes. I wanted them to be sturdy so I used 2 layers for each piece. to glue them together I used paper packaging tape fiberglass reinforced from Staples. I like to use a kitchen sponge and a bowl of water instead of the tools they offer for it (to me it's just the same)

So basically for each cube you will need 5 parts, but since my cardboard was not thick enough for the sides and fronts I end up cutting double number of parts and taping them together, if you have double thick cardboard you will not need to cut double. it just makes it sturdier.

Now that you have your parts, if like me you only had single sheets of cardboard you can tape 2 sides together so they hold better, I taped the tops all the way and I put a little piece on the bottoms just to hold them together.

For the handles, since I wanted all of them looking the same I made a template, with a sheet of paper I cut the total width of the front part folded in half and mark all my measurements, to make the curves on the bottom I used a glass.

To cut the handles I used an x-acto knife and cut them one by one, I rather go through all the work than try to save a cut and pile 2 or more, because sometimes that ruins all of them, so just go one by one =]

For the inside of the handles, I cut a piece of tape of the exact size of the top and curves, marked the center with a pen and then marked the width, because I made cuts on both sides. And I only watered one side of the paper tape when applying so I could focus on that side and once I had one side perfect I moved to the other.

In this case, I think the image speaks for itself, this is how I assemble them =]

For the top of my cubes I cut an old piece of plywood I found in the garage,  the exact measurement is 16x 32 inches. So after having my cubes and top surface ready it was time to paint and get prettify!

I used normal gift wrapping paper I had saved for the cubes, and even though I was going to make two polka-dots and two plain turquoise I loved the way the polka-dots look, so I went with that for all of them. I dissolved 1 cup of tacky glue in half a cup of water, with a sponge brush applied to once surface at a time, I rolled  the outside of the cube like this and then cut the excess of paper on the top (later on I added tape on the top to have a clean finish) as for the bottom, I just folded like a gift wrapping box and glue everything with tons of glue, because there is never too much glue, OK maybe there is, so don't go crazy with it =]

I painted my piece of plywood with white primer and to secure it to the cubes I used some leftover pieces of glue Velcro (it actually holds pretty good, but only prevents from moving around, if I force it will come off)

I used this to store all the old t-shirts, curtains and materials I have for upcycle project. Because let's be honest, all of those items are not cute until after you finish with them =] The boxes are perfectly sized, sturdy and so far it has worked great =]

Since I already had the cardboard, plywood, Velcro and the paper packaging tape. The restoring only cost me $2.50 for the paint and $3.00 for the 2 rolls of gift wrapping paper, so for $5.50 as the grand total, I will call this a success. After all, it's not going to the central piece in my sewing room, just my upcycle material organizer =]

I hope you all enjoy and get inspired to make some cubes! you can make them to fit any space you feel you can take advantage of with them, craft ON and have a wonderful day!



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  1. Iliana vargas mata
    Iliana vargas mata says:


    me agrada todo lo que haces,no se hablar ingles pero veo todos tus trabajos,me encanto el nuevo proyecto de los cajones de carton,muy buena idea para spacios rducidos,felicidads,saludos
    Iliana de merida yucatan,mexico

  2. karin marie
    karin marie says:

    This is such an awesome idea! I have the same storage thingy in my daughter’s bedroom closet! It holds blankets & things for now but was debating on using it for other things later on. Esp. when they want to dress themselves and then it can store socks, underwear & things. Plus this is a fun way to add some color & design with little-no money! :) Love it! Thanks for sharing the tut!

  3. Rose
    Rose says:

    WOW great job! It is SO hard for me to cut out cardboard! I am wondering WHAT this knife is that you use. Don’t think I have ever heard of it. I covered some boxes and then didn’t like the way they looked. :(

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      I use my old Xacto knife, you can see the exact same one I have in Amazon, I bought it about 2 years a go and it’s what I use to cut pretty much everything. Hope that helps =]

  4. Loralynn
    Loralynn says:

    This is fantastic! I have been looking at sewing table options for my sewing room and this will fit the bill perfectly! Thanks for the tutorial and inspiration!

  5. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Wow I have to do this. I just picked up a set of these cubes at a garage sale for a dollar! This tutorial is great! I would have never figured out the measurements on my own! Thanks!!!

  6. Siri
    Siri says:

    I love this! And your drawer organizers! The only thing is that i couldn’t tell how you attached the pieces to each other….is it just the paper tape? For the cardboard drawer organizers it looked like you just hot glued the pieces together. Is that right? I have never used the paper tape but I am gonna get some right away! Thanks

    • Joy
      Joy says:

      Hi Siri,

      Yes I hot glued the pieces together and added tape because the hot glue would not hold very much, in this case i pretty much just used the hot glue to keep them in place, then I applied the paper tape.

      I hope this helps and good luck!! =]

  7. Martha Murphy
    Martha Murphy says:

    Thank you for this! It’s a great idea to make the boxes with double cardboard. I like the idea of painting them on the more recent post. Or covering them with fabric would make them even more sturdy!

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  9. rudresh
    rudresh says:

    hey there,

    awesome tutorial by you. really helped me a lot. really impressed by this.


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