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Wallpaper mural: The perfect way to make a cozy reading area

Ever since I first saw how easy it is to install wallpaper murals, I’ve been dreaming about adding touches to my office and making a cozy reading area. I partnered with Ever Wallpaper to make the cozy reading area of my dreams in the new studio office a reality!

wallpaper mural in office craft room

As I've shared in our blog, after living full-time in our 5th wheel for about 7 months, we purchased the property of our dreams in the same mountain we used to live, but now, we have a huge area for the kids to play (about 5 acres) and while the house is half the size of our previous house, we are loving having all the outside space and making the house ours one project at a time.

And the best part about the move for my business! We now have a detached barn/garage that was used to work and paint cars. The previous owners had a fully enclosed car-painting booth that is the perfect space for my new studio office.

Thanks to the fact that it was perfectly insulated and lit up, there were no structural upgrades to do, and I jumped into cleaning and painting right away. But of course, my favorite part has been planning the space to make the most out of the different areas, so I can work more efficiently and so that things can be stored in the best way possible.

After planning all my working zones, I knew I wanted an area with a cute couch where I could read or just have someone over if I needed to.

craft room wallpaper mural

This area is right by my new massive pegboard. If you remember, I used to have 4 pegboards in my old office that have now been turned into one big full wall =] (but I'll go into the pegboard in detail on another post)

Planning my wallpaper mural

When designing the outline of the office, I knew that I wanted a dark and moody wall, and to have everything else be light and bright. 

ever wallpaper website

So when I started looking for ideas for that wall, I knew that I didn't want all the wall covered, because one, it was a super large area, and two I was going to add a big pegboard, so I didn't want to cover all the beautiful wallpaper with the pegboard.

Once the idea and area that I needed to cover were set, I head over to EverWallpaper and started browsing their large gallery of beautiful floral designs. 

Since I wanted something very feminine, I went with soft color flower arrangements.

ever wallpaper dark fantasy

After mocking the area that I wanted to use the mural on, I selected the design named Dark Fantasy, I loved the soft pink colors and the moody dark gray background, also the top position of the flowers was perfect for the area I wanted to cover.

pink flower mural wallpaper
wallpaper details
reading area in office

Custom wallpaper murals

One of the coolest parts of Ever Wallpaper is that you can have them print your designs. I considered that option, but I liked the flower design so much that I decided to instead add a chalkboard wall on the next wall instead and create the design I had planned in chalk, so I could erase it later on.

But if you want to try this option, it is so cool that they offer the service!

Installing a wallpaper mural

I already cover the installation in a step-by-step post while sharing the wall we did for the boy's room in my other blog, so if you want to read detailed instructions and materials, just head over to for the tutorial explanation.

wallpaper before
wallpaper mural installation materials

Partial wallpaper mural

When I started planning this wall, I knew I wanted to cover as much as possible on the top of the couch area, but I didn't want to cover the part of the wall where the pegboard was going to go.

The perfect solution was a partial mural, so I measured the approx area where the pegboard was going to go and had the guys from Ever Wallpaper proof the artwork, and they fitted it to the exact measurements I needed.

Once the wallpaper panels arrived, I took them to Home Depot and have them color match the end of the mural so that I could paint the rest of the wall and the pegboard in the same color, that beautiful charcoal gray =]

wallpaper with details of flowers
lettering pegboard

I am excited to share the rest of the new Studio as soon as it's ready =] It has definitely taken me way longer than I had planned, but I think all the hard work will pay off, so stay tuned!


Monday 5th of September 2022

Hi Joy,

This is Cris and Tracey. We wanted to thank you for that wonderful day at your home where we were blown away by all your talents. Love your new work area and you whole home. I wanted to tell you how impressed we are with all your ideas for your future of your home. Such fun when you are so talented and have such great ideas. Just love your web site too. It is so great that you share all this and give others great ideas and inspiration for all this fun stuff. All the best to you and your beautiful family.

Love Cris and Tracey

Joy Kelley

Friday 16th of September 2022

Thank you for the lovely words, Cris and Tracey! We loved having you over =]

Karin van D.

Tuesday 24th of August 2010

Beautiful, both of them.


Monday 23rd of August 2010

So pretty :)


Monday 23rd of August 2010

Thank you!


Monday 23rd of August 2010

Seriously, there is nothing you can't do. :)

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