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2 years a go…

…I married the love of my life. WOW! it's crazy how fast time has pass because it still feels like it was just yesterday, I am so blessed to have him in my life and even more blessed now =]

wedding picture

First two images by the awesome Next Exit Photography

I am so happy to finally reveal the real reason why this place has been so quiet and why I've been so sick =]

We have a little one on the way! So at least is a happy sickness. 2012 has been pretty crazy for us, so far we have a new house, a new car (mine) and a baby on the way!

Talk about excitement and stress.

We could not erase the smile off our faces, we are beyond excited and we feel so blessed, it's kind of funny how everything just happened at once, but some times things are just meant to happen like this! It feels like it's Christmas, we got it all packed in a few weeks.

pregnancy announcement

So far this pregnancy has been kicking my butt pretty bad, I always get car-sick and my Mom suffered from pretty bad morning sickness when she was pregnant, so it was not a surprise to me when I started to feel sick, but it got to a point where I could not do anything or eat anything because in less than I could walk to the bathroom I was hugging the toilet. Everything made me dizzy and I could not even walk to the kitchen without stopping because I felt I was fainting.

My Doctor gave me medicine that helped me a lot and now at least I'm eating normally but I am still dizzy and super tired most of the day (especially in front of the screen) The first trimester is officially over, so I am hoping things will eventually get better, but even if they don't – I don't care much, I am so happy to have this little one growing inside that I would take this kind of morning-all-day sickness for the whole 9 months as long as he/she is healthy =]

Because the stress of the move-house-sickness was really getting to me I decided to close my Design Studio, that way I can slowly catch up with all the clients that are in my wait-list right now and hopefully I will also catch up with my Inbox (right now it's a nightmare). I am still selling Blogger and WordPress premade but only on Etsy. So I am not completely out of the Design picture =]

Our house is still a huge mess because I just don't have the energy to do much, and that's kind of frustrating, but I know that we will slowly get there =] I try to clean and organize whenever I am too dizzy for the computer but most times I just end up in bed =[ I get dizzy even with my phone so that's why I've been so silent on Twitter and absent on Instagram. I hope to feel better soon, so I can catch up with everything (including this blog).

Last week I was lucky to finally have a normal day, one of those where I didn't look like crap so I took my first weekly pictures, I really wanted to start taking them sooner but at least I started =]

14 weeks

I am not planning on posting weekly updates here just because I want to keep the blog as it is now, I am keeping a side blog where I plan to post all my baby stuff but of course (as everything else in my TO-DO list) it's not done yet, so I will share it once I get to it =]

I am planning on sharing ALL the projects and stuff I want to make here – but other than that I want to keep all my baby-talk over on the other blog because I don't want to get you all tired with my pregnancy-issues (because I know I get tired of hearing myself) LOL.

Also, I can't believe we've been “legally” married for 2 ½ years already!

rustic ranch wedding

I am so happy to finally share the news and feel free to talk about it with everyone =]
I hope you all have a bright and sunny day!

Since I cleaned up my blog to make it more user friendly, I only kept the most important personal announcements I've made on the blog:

Missed you!

painted cabinets details in pink
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Friday 10th of August 2012

Gosh! When I saw your face I said, where have I seen this girl before, i sure know her froem somewhere else but hello?? I live in Dom Rep!! So it was not around here... It was on weddingbee!!! loved your posts there!!!!!


Monday 6th of August 2012

Oh my gosh, I remember following you on weddingbee. So glad I stumbled upon your blog today - can't wait to catch up on all the crafts you've been up to!


Sunday 20th of May 2012

Thank you so much everyone for the lovely comments =] it really made my day to read all of them! XOXO

María Paula

Saturday 19th of May 2012

Sos muy linda y te felicito por tu hermosa familia, yo también me case, solo que hacen casi 12 años, jajajaj y tengo 29 =) Tenemos dos hijos muy lindos, y también me gusta coser y diseñar, estoy estudiando diseño gráfico =) Dios te bendiga ricamente...desde Argentina


Saturday 19th of May 2012

¡¡¡Felicitacionse a Los Tres ¡¡¡ Miles de Bendiciones y que sigan tan Dichosos como ahora¡¡¡ Desde Venezuela, con Gran Cariño.