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The ultimate gift guide for creatives – Presents for artist and crafters

With the holidays approaching faster than we are all ready for, I figured it would be the best time to make a gift guide compilation of not just some of my absolute favorite products, but also the ones I know most creatives would LOVE to receive as presents for this upcoming holiday season!

gift guide 1

I categorized them by price so you can shop for your creative loved one no matter the budget! I've also shared my experiences with some of the products so you can have a better idea of what would be the perfect gift for your creative friend!

If you would rather see all the items I recommend in one list, check my ever-growing Gifts for creatives o Amazon.

If you would like to jump into the option of the budget you want to spend, just click on the option above! And now that you have a few options to check out, let's review the awesome list of possible first for your loved one!

IMPORTANT: because the prices on Amazon are always fluctuating, I tried to group them as best as I could depending on the prices, but by the time you read this post those prices could have slightly changed. 


gift guideunder $15

1Tombow beginner lettering set: A great set of pretty much everything you will need to start with lettering. it comes with a pencil, eraser, a fudenosuke brush pen, a dual brush in black and a mono twin, this is a great pack to take on-the-go too.

2 Organizer Tote, Mint: A colorful and useful present that will help your creative stay organized always makes a perfect present, they have a bunch of different colors to select and they are the perfect size to carry around.

3 POSCA Brush tip marker, White: This one is one of my favorite white markers, it's so hard to find a brush marker that looks good on black or dark color paper, this one is lovely!


4 Pencil case – Practice makes better: This is my favorite pencil case to date, and trust me, I've tested SO MANY! I've made pretty much made every pencil case I could think of and I love how simple this one is, I screen printed the front and added a cute tassel for extra cuteness! it's so big 8×11″ kind of big, so it can definitely hold a bunch of pens!

5 The Big Awesome Book of Hand & Chalk Lettering by Dina Rodriguez: I loved this book and if you want to venture into chalk lettering, I would definitely recommend this one over others in the market, her approach is very straightforward and easy to understand.

6 TADPOLE Tape Cutter Combo: This is one of those super-clever presents (or stocking stuffers) that would make anyone that uses tape happy, trying to find the end of a tape roll is probably one of everyone's least favorite task, so this solves that and the color makes super easy to find!

7 Grow your handmade business: This is such a great book for the ones that are starting a handmade business, I purchased when it released in 2012 and it's still one of my favs!

8 Adjustable Height Ergonomic Foot Rest: If your creative spends a lot of time on the computer, this is the perfect present, nothing helps more than having the correct posture.

9 Silhouette Cameo 3 Light Tote – Blue: If your loved one already has a Silhouette Cameo, this is a perfect present, I love this cover and since it's a tote, you can take your cutting machine on the go! And they also have other colors ;)

10 The Original Letter mate: Addressing envelopes without having to draw guidelines or use fancy laser guides can be tricky, so that's why I love the littermate! If your loved ones are into calligraphy and addressing envelopes, this one is the perfect present or stocking stuffer!

11 MR. TEA Silicone Tea Infuser: Since some are not coffee lovers, but they love tea instead, this is the perfect infuser! I love looking at my little guy while working on my desk, he is so adorable!

12 SlimMate Plastic Storage Clipboard, Pink: I love this clipboard because you can store tools and paper pad inside. It makes the perfect lettering-on-the-go container, and you can use it as a regular clipboard.

13 Pink Tool Set: Nothing like the essential tools you need in pretty pink! I have this set in my studio and I love it! No more asking your boyfriend or husband for his tools ;)

14 Brush Pen Lettering: A Step-by-Step Workbook for Learning Decorative Scripts and Creating Inspired Styles: This is a great book to get started with the Brush pen, I like how Grace Song, walks through all the steps and troubleshoot the most common mistakes.

15 Hot Glue Gun Finger Caps: There's nothing worse than getting hot glue in your fingers, it's the WORSE! So if your loved ones like to craft, this is a great stocking stuffer or present, save those fingers!!

16 Creative, Inc.: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business: This one is a great book for all the creatives that are just starting charging money for their pieces or the ones that want to start making money out of lettering, painting, crafting, etc.

17 Rhodia No.16 Dot Pad: This is the most recommended and loved paper pad among lettering and calligraphy artist. They have different sizes so you can get it as a present or a stocking stuffer as well.

18 Layer Stack & Carry Box: I have 4 of these bad boys and store all my pens that allow horizontal storing. I also have “shelves” organized depending on the type of lettering I do with them. I love them and I know that anyone that likes organized tools would love them too!

19 Silicone Craft Mat: I wish I had found out about this craft mat before I left a big burn mark on my dining table, but you can save your friends' table with this present! I love how you can leave the glue gun there and peel off the residues, and they are also perfect when you use a curling stick or straightener!

20 Soup and Cracker Mug or Cereal Bowl: This one is another personal favorite, I love to get some soup in the cold months when it's snowing outside and the fact that this one has a special place for the crackers just wins me every time! Also, I am one of the weird ones that don't like their cereal to get soft, so this is my special cereal mug =] ha!

21 Paper Cutter – 12 Inch: Anyone that likes to craft, scrapbook or make anything with paper knows that a good paper cutter is just as essential as a pair of scissors, so if your loved one doesn't have one, give them this one!


gift guide under $25

1 The ABC of Custom Lettering: A Practical Guide to Drawing Letters by Ivan Castro: If you can give only one present to your lettering enthusiast friend, I would recommend this book, is such a great guide for beginners and also pretty much the best book to really understand the difference between Lettering and Calligraphy.

2 Tombow Advanced Lettering Set: I love how Tombow made it so easy to gifts the correct tools to get started, this one has a few more brush pens, but just like the beginner pack, they have all the tools you would need to get started.

coffee letters mug

3 Letters & Coffee mug: I had to add my favorite mug, not just because I letter it, but because the sentiment is so special, I love both and looking at it while working makes me happy!

4 Winsor & Newton Water Color Markers, Set of 6: I love the quality and the effects you can get with these pens if your loved one likes watercolor or lettering, this is a perfect gift!

5 Starbucks Gift Card: I have yet to find someone that doesn't like Starbucks! And we all know that creatives love caffeine, so tea or coffee is always welcome!

6 This is Probably Wine, Gold Travel Mug: If your creative is also a wine lover, this is such a cool -and funny- gift! and it's gold, that's all I need to say :P

7 The Golden Secrets of Lettering: Letter Design from First Sketch to Final Artwork by Martina Flor: This book is also a wonderful treat to anyone that loves hand-lettering, I absolutely love the work of Martina Flor (And the fact that she is originally from Argentina!) So I was over the moon when she launched this book.

8 Chameleon Color Tones Brush pen set, Pack of 5: Blending can be kind of challenging at the beginning, but these brush pens are wonderful and easy to use. You get to mix them just by turning one of them on and snapping to the other, and when you color or “letter” in this case, they automatically change shades.

9 Hobby Holster, Pink: I don't personally own this one, but it's definitely on my wishlist! Anyone that loves crafting would LOVE this! You can either carry or set your glue gun on a surface and it has space for the glue gun stick on the side.

10 Every day I'm Hustlin' – Gold Coffee Mug: I know so many are raving fans of gold, so if your loved one likes gold and hot drinks (with this mus it can definitely be not just coffee) this is a great alternative!

11 In Progress: See Inside a Lettering Artist's Sketchbook and Process, from Pencil to Vector by Jessica Hische: This book is such a visual treat, if your loved one likes lettering this is a perfect inspirational book, I love how Jessica Hische (an AMAZING lettering artist BTW) shows her process and how she approaches client work.

12 Pentel Arts Sign Pen Touch, Fude Brush Tip, 12 colors: I think Fude pens are the best to learn calligraphy, and this pack does not disappoint, the colors are super vibrant and they last long! Your creative friend would love them!

13 Modern Calligraphy: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started in Script Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe: I love this book, it's not just pretty to look at, but it's also a very good one with for anyone wanting to start in Calligraphy.

14 Gel Pens Set, 140 Colors: Gel pens are not just wonderful for coloring pages, they are also great to add details to hand-lettering, you can never have too many!

15 LETTERPRESSED Type-Style Cookie Cutter/Stampers: If your loved one likes letters AND baking, this is the gift made in heaven, cookie cutters in shapes of letterpressed keys, so adorable and unique!

16 Marker Storage Trays, 6/Pack: This is such cool storage for markers, I like how you can see everything on the front.

1 Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, set of 72: You can never have too many colored pencils, and if your creative loved one likes adult coloring, this would be the perfect present! and the box looks so cute! My boys are always wanting to get into mine!


gift guide under $50

1 Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, set of 72: You can never have too many colored pencils, and if your creative loved one likes adult coloring, this would be the perfect present! and the box looks so cute! My boys are always wanting to get into mine!

paint set

2 Mug set – Paint water & not paint water: If you have a friend that is always confusing their morning drink with the paint water mug, this is the perfect gift, especially if you select to have one design with the black handle and the other in the regular white handle.

3 Watercolor Beginner Set: This set by Kassa has everything your creative friend would need to get started with watercolor, it includes 3 sized tips water pen brushes, a watercolor pad & watercolor paint set of 21 colors.

4 Jo-Ann Stores Gift Card: My obsession with Jo-Ann Hobby Lobby and Michael's stores is very REAL, mainly because they have pretty much everything you can think of for crafting, so getting a gift card from any of those stores is always a win!

5 Think Board Medium – Clear Peel & Stick Dry Erase Board: A dry erase board that you can just add to your wall, desk or chalkboard?! Yes, please!! I have this bad boy in my wish because I think it's awesome and if you give it to your creative friend, I am going to be so jealous hehe.

6 Graphic Artist's Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines: (this is the newest edition) If your creative one is having troubles figuring out how much to charge for their art (and their uses) this is the most wonderful book to get, it's so easy and it gives not just advice but also examples, I don't know how I priced anything without it.

7 Utility cart: I have the IKEA one of this, and I absolutely love it! I take it to my craft shows and use it to store supplies in my office. My boys love to play with it and it was the “walker” of my littlest one when he was learning how to walk. So it holds a special place in my heart!

8 Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay India Ink Bottles, Set of 12: This set is my favorite, I use them for watercolor lettering, and they are wonderful! And who would ever say I have too many Dr. Ph. Martin's inks, NO ONE! That's right!!

9 Copic Sketch Set of 6 Markers: Copic is one of my favorite brands because of not just the quality of their pens, but also the fact that most of them are refillable! I love that, even though they are a little more pricey, in the long run, they are cheaper when you refill over and over (most tips can also be replaced) classes

10 Lettering & Calligraphy classes at The selection of artist and different classes offers is amazing, and their prices are very reasonable so you can get your loved one or a few classes, or a bundle of classes.

11 Huion L4S LightBox – 17.72 Inches: One of my favorite tools for not just hand-lettering but also for watercolor is this little light pad, it's so light and works so well! I know your creative loved one would LOVE IT!

12 Embossing Kit with Embossing Heat Tool, powders and pen: This is the perfect kit to start with embossing, I love how you get everything you would need to emboss what you write with the pen.


gift guide $150 and up

1 Yeti USB Microphone – Whiteout: When I started planning my upcoming Youtube channel, this microphone was the one recommendation everyone agreed on for voiceover video, so I purchased it never looked back. It's amazing! The sound is so clear!

lettering class

2 Let's start lettering class by Amanda Arneill: This is a great beginner class, I love the lettering style of Amanda, she also has a great way to teach and she walks you through all the basics to start your lettering journey.

3 Cricut Easy Press: This is the perfect gift for anyone that likes making tees or embellished items via heat transfer, I am obsessed with mine, you can get it from the Cricut website, or Amazon, and if you want to read more about it, I have this full blog post.

4 American Crafts Minc Foil Applicator and Starter Kit: This is such an awesome machine, and it's so easy to use if your loved one likes foil, this is the machine to get them!

fuji camera

5 Fujifilm Instant Camera – Pink: This camera does not just make the most adorable photo prop for flat lays, it's also such a cute way to take pictures on the go and developing them right away!


6 Vanguard Alta Pro Tripod Kit: I've tested so many tripods and while searching for the perfect way to record overhead video of my lettering, I ran into this beauty, before this I was using this silly phone holder, but after I updated my phone it no longer held the weight AND there was no way to record using my Canon camera, so I purchased this one and never looked back, it's so awesome!


7 Fantastic Flourishes by Teela Cunningham: If your creative is a beginner at lettering, this class would be such an amazing present, Teela is a master in flourishes and teaches everyone how to use them is the best way to compose great ornated and balanced pieces.

apple pencil

8 Apple Pencil for iPad Pro: If there's one product I love the most in this guide, they are the combination of this little pencil (it's really a very fancy stylus) and the iPad PRO. They are so powerful and A-MA-ZING!!

ipad pro

9 Apple iPad Pro: This is the exact size and capacity I have, and it's the BEST! I always say that this has been the best investment I've ever made in my business, I am able to sketch on the go, and send previous to clients so much faster than before. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE my pens and paper, but this handy tool would change any creative's life. I guarantee it!

brush pens

10 Tombow Dual Brush Pen Set of 96: If your loved one likes brush calligraphy or coloring, this is a good one! I personally don't own this many Tombow brushes, but it's on my personal wish list just in case my husband want to peek to get ideas. *wink* *wink*

ipad class

11 Limitless iPad class by Stefan Kunz: This class is amazing if you are just starting to do lettering on your iPad, it is taught by Stefan Kunz but it's on Amanda Arneill's teaching website.


12 Canon EOS 80D Camera: I recently upgraded to this model and I could not recommend it more, it is a big investment, but if you are thinking about getting an AWESOME camera for photos and video, this is the one! And if you also want to gift a class on how to use it, this one in Creative Live is so great!

screen print kit

13 DIY PRINT SHOP – Table Top Screen Printing Kit: I started making tea towels with a kit just like this one, if your loved one likes to make towels, tees or other fabric printed items, this is the perfect starter kit to get a feel of screen printing, it has everything they would need to run a small printing batch.

watercolor calligraphy

14 Brush Lettering with Watercolor by Teela Cunningham: If your loved one loves letters and watercolor, why not give them the perfect class to combine them? Teela is such an amazing teacher and walks through every step to create wonderful pieces with a water brush and watercolors.

silouette cameo

15 Silhouette CAMEO 3 Wireless Cutting Machine: If you've been thinking about giving your creative loved one a cameo, JUST DO IT! I promise it would be the most loved present ever! There's just so much you can do with this machine.

bundle class

16 Intermediate Masterclass by Amanda Arneill: If your creative loved one has already mastered the basics of lettering and calligraphy, this class will help them tremendously, Amada has a great way to teach and easy to follow modules for her Intermediate Masterclass.

The ultimate gift guide for creatives

I also have a list of all my favorite lettering tools, books, and goodies over at Amazon that you are welcome to look for ideas! I am working on a review series for most of the pens and books I listed here, so stay tuned and happy creating! (and shopping)

I hope you found some cool ideas here and if you have something that you love that you think would be a good addition to the next gift guide just send them my way!
If you are looking for some personalized gifts, check out this post I did with my favorite items from Minted.

Happy creating!

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