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Lettering coloring pages: 6 beautiful FREE pages to relax and color!

Lettering coloring pages are probably one of my favorite ways to relax. I know that adult coloring has been extremely popular because it's not only something we as adults don't really do anymore but additionally, it's a great way to focus relax our minds, it's also a great way to channel our creativity and try new color blends or palettes.

coloring pages lettering

And even though I don't personally color that much, I love drawing. So I enjoy the therapeutic side of the coloring for adults by making coloring pages for my friends and also for my boys.

So today I wanted to share 6 FREE pages that I created for you, along with my favorite coloring pencils and tools. I also wanted to share a few coloring books in case you want even more! All you have to do to download is scroll to the bottom where each page is and click download!

coloring pages
love lettering coloring page

Coloring pencil recommendations

While you are welcome to use any coloring materials you have on hand, I wanted to share some of my favorites in case you wanted to try something different. I've included a variety of prices to cover any budget!

primacolor pencils

Prismacolor pencil pack – 72 colors

These are my favorite color pencils, they offer great blend-ability and they are probably mid-range pricing. This pack offers a great variety of colors to get you started. – Get it here

color more pencils

Color More pencil set – 160 colors

While this is an off-brand they do have great reviews, they offer high pigment content and great value for money. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, this is definitely something you should check! – Get it here

amazon color pencils

Amazon color pencil set – 72 colors

This Amazon set has great reviews and offers artist-quality soft lead for rich pigment and smooth application, its a great alternative for beginners. – Get it here

crayola color pencils

Crayola color pencils – 100 colors

While Crayola products are designed for kids, this pack of pencils offers great entry-level quality for adult coloring and one of the most budget-friendly ways to start coloring without breaking the bank! – Get it here

arteza gel pens

Arteza gel pens – 60 colors

Another great way to color pages is by using gel pens, and this Arteza pack offers a wide variety of colors in a 0.8 – 1.0mm ballpoint thickness, ideal for coloring books or for adding details. – Get it here

If you want to work on your iPad instead, here you can see a list of my current digital drawing setup and recommendations. Also, here you can read all about the Procreate brushes I use and recommend.

be silly be honest coloring page

Coloring books for adults

If you are looking for more than just the 6 pages of drawings that I created for you, I also wanted to share some awesome coloring books for adults. Here is my list in no specific order:

coloring book lost ocean

Lost ocean adult coloring book (80 pages)

This book by Johanna Basford is so lovely! I am such a fan of all of her line of books, she pretty much has an adult coloring book with any theme you are passionate about – Get your copy here.

flower botanical coloring book

World of flowers coloring book (80pages)

I also had to include Johanna's botanical line drawing book, because I love flowers! (that is probably why I add flowers to all of my coloring and doodle pages hehe – Get your copy here.

mandalas coloring book

Mandalas coloring book (50 pages)

I love mandalas, so I had to share this book with you. Ease your stress with each stroke of your colored pencil or pen. Every sacred circle will help you clear your mind and sharpen your creativity. – Get your copy here.

arteza coloring book

Arteza coloring book for adults (72 pages)

This coloring book for adults and teens is a great therapeutic way to ease anxiety and experience relaxation. It comes in a durable artist-Grade 100 lb (150 gsm) paper. Providing a bleed-proof surface for your favorite colored pencils, markers, pens, or crayons. – Get your copy here.

FREE adult lettering coloring pages

I created these pages mixing two of my favorite ways to relax, lettering, and drawing. I love making drawings and doodles to decompress after a hard day. And I know that I am not alone, adult coloring is so popular and I definitely see why, so I wanted to create a few pages of my drawing so you could color them however you want! To access the FREE adult coloring pages, just click in the button of the one you want, or the big button at the end to download all of them!

love example lettering coloring
love coloring page

1 – Love botanical

This one was one fo the very first pieces I drew after picking up letteringa nd drawing again in 2013. I still love it and it make sme smile each time one of my boys colors it =]

coloring page ampersand

2 – Ampersand botanical

Since my love for ampersands is so strong =] I also had to make a matching floral-filled ampersand as well.

coloring page be silly be honest

3 – Be silly, be honest, be kind

I love this quote, so I also had to experiment with a full page filled with botanicals and imaginary doodles. I love the contrast with the letters, whether you decide to paint them or not!

coloring page be yourself

4 – Believe in yourself

This posistivity filled print is so excouraging and I also tried to create a full page of shapes, to make the most out of the page but this time with a little less busy pattern.

coloring page make today amazing

5 – Make today amazing

For this one I wanted to give you the option of coloring the lettering portion as well as the flower doodles that I drew around the letters.

coloring page fri yay

6 – Fri-yay!

Finally for this one, I wanted to celebrate Friday, becasue in ur house is ususally when we go on adventures as soon as the boys get out of school =]

If you like all of them, I have compressed them together in a ZIP folder for you, so you don't have to download one by one.


coloring pages
[ You can also access this and all other FREE files and printables inside the letter vault ]
lettering coloring page

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I hope you enjoy these pages and help you relax and channel your creativity. If you have a theme that you would like to suggest for the next set just let me know. And remember to subscribe to the newsletter to have access to the Letter Vault, the secret place in the blog where I store all the freebies!

Happy coloring!