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DIY sewing table – Wood sawhorse craft table

A few weeks ago I showed you all the inspiration for the table I wanted to make for my sewing projects. I shared a bunch of options in that post! Well, it's finally time to not only show you how the table ended up looking but also how my Father-in-law made my vision a reality =]

As I shared before, I decided to go the “Do it yourself” way because:

  1.  I wanted the top of the table to fit the exact size of the cutting mat I have from Joanns.
  2.  I had a very limited budget for the table $50.00 –

So I took advantage of the fact that I had help from my father in law Kevin with the cutting tools and assembling, which I am so happy and thankful for, he's just awesome!

And to start I draw exactly how I wanted the table to look like,  I also set the measurements for the top, then the height (it's a little taller than the average so my back hurts less if I work on it starting) with all of those Ken and I went for a visit to The Home Depot, and purchased all the wood and primer.

Kevin pretty much took over the project once I showed him my drawing, measurements, and materials.

So it was awesome to see how all the pieces of wood started to look like what I had on paper =]  I was so excited to finally use power tools again! (I had to leave all my tools in Chile because the power here is different)

Kevin let me use all of his tools for this table, but Ken had a surprise under his sleeve and the next day he showed up with a big box with all the tools we wanted for all the projects I am starting, I was sooooo excited! there is nothing that says “I love you” more than power-tools right?

Ok, maybe that's just me =]

Once we finish, Kevin said he needed to weight test the table so he jumped on top and I got to shoot a few pictures of him, because normally he doesn't like to take photos so YAY!

Since the weather was pretty crappy the following week, I set the painting for this weekend.

I sanded the whole table, but I didn't go crazy with it as I normally would because I wasn't feeling very good, so I just made it good enough for me =]

After all, I will be the one working there, I only prime it in white and decided not to paint it, because well, it was white enough and I over-budget by $10 with the primer already.

So finally here it is, all ready and done =] my $60 DIY sewing table!

Now I need to get rid of the awful cold I catch last week to be able to organize my sewing space because today I am in bed not being able to get much done.

But on the good side, I am really excited to finally move out of our dining table!

I always ended up there when I needed to sew because my desk is not big enough so YAY! and also I am pretty excited because I am working on an adorable pattern that I can't wait to share!

Looking for more craft room Inspiration?

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend =]


Friday 30th of May 2014

Dear Joy, I surfed in. Your website is easy to use and we (your web fans) appreciate that. Enjoyed your story and your creativity is inspiring.

I am an immigrant myself -- a 'young' woman in an 'old' body living in Germany. My native country is NORTHERN California. Therefore, WELCOME. Best wishes, Jane

Mary Rose

Saturday 14th of September 2013

Impressively strong. How has it held up?


Sunday 15th of September 2013

its still like new =] no bends or anything and the mat is perfect because I have another that I use all the time to cut, this one is more of a "measure and work area" mat =]

I am going to show the table again once I reveal my sewing room (hopefully next week)

Jane S

Friday 8th of February 2013

Love the table, I have the same cutting mat and would like to make this table. I like the idea of being taller because I have a bad back. Can you let me know how you exactly made it. Thanks for your help, Jane


Thursday 15th of March 2012

I have been following all your lovely felt flowers and I am having so much fun making them. I am from Australia. I am teaching my friends here as they too love all your lovely things.Girls just have to have girly things! Once again Thank-you.:-)


Monday 19th of March 2012

Hi Annette, I am so happy you are having fun with the flowers =] and that's lovely that you are teaching how to make them =]


Tuesday 21st of February 2012

Very creative! I love the idea of having the top covered with a cutting mat. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

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