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Envelope labels for addressing: Pattern wrap-around labels

Make your snail mail so much more pretty with these envelope labels that wrap around so you can have both the return address and the receiving address in one beautiful label!

cute envelope label

Today I am sharing my 2 to-go labels for when I send snail mail. Because making envelopes pretty with wrap-around labels is not only easy but oh so satisfying!

All you will need is some print paper, a printer and some kind of glue if you are interested in the exact materials I use, check the list below:


Once you have all of your materials ready, you can either print the labels and hand-write the addresses or you could also load the PDF onto an editing software and type the addresses.

And while I love the simplicity of just typing the addresses, when I do I make sure to add the names in a pretty font

If you want to learn how to do calligraphy so you can do your envelopes by hand, check out my guide to modern calligraphy here.



Peony envelope label design

envelope label

My first experience with wrap-around labels was when I made our wedding invitations and I loved the way they made the envelopes look. 

So I decided to adventure on the envelope labels again and make these labels to send out pretty mail, because who does not like pretty mail huh?


all labels together

wrap around label


In my 101 lists, I shared my desire to send out handwritten letters (something I don't do often enough)

So what better way to motivate me than having pretty envelopes to send out! I used some of my favorite flowers and colors, so I hope you all like them as much as I do =]

(Download them at the bottom of the post)


mail envelope label



Valentine's envelope label design

I also wanted to share a second design that I used for some of my valentine's cards, they look so much cuter with these labels!

wrap around labels

For these ones I only created two patterns but I think both are super adorable.

valentines labels

Just like the other ones, I glue them to my hand-cut-kraft-paper envelopes with a normal glue stick, but if you really want them super secure I would also recommend you a few drops of hot glue.

valentines wrap around

Since I designed these extra ones why not share them with you guys too right!?

valentaines envelope label

valentines wrap around labels




Download the envelope labels

The files are PDF file and will be open in a new window, the link goes directly to Dropbox, if you are in a mobile device, you will be prompted to open in the Dropbox app. You don't need an account to view it but will need one if you want to save it directly to your account. 

As I mention before this is a PDF file, so in order to preview the file you will need to have Abobe Reader installed on your PC or MAC. Without the program, you will not be able to download or preview the file. If you have troubles please visit this link, because each browser works differently.


Peony wrap-around label design

wrap around label

I prepared 2 PDF files, one with just one page and all 4 different color labels and another one with 4 pages and one-color design on each page, so if you only like one of the colors you can download this file and print only the selected page. 



Valentines wrap-around label design

valentines wrap around labelsFor this design I prepared a single PDF file with 2 different shades of labels, a light pink and a creme color, the page holds 4 labels. Remember to not “Fit-to-print area” because it will make the labels a little bit smaller.



If you want to get even more freebies, check out the Letter Vault, where I keep all the rest of the freebies! Get access to the secret password just by subscribing to the newsletter!

If you want to save this for later, just pin any of the images below =]

wrap-aroud envelopes

wrap-aroud envelopes

Pinterest images
wrap-aroud envelopes

wrap-aroud envelopes

wrap-aroud envelopes

wrap-aroud envelopes

I hope you all enjoy this freebie and make your envelopes for regular mail and Valentine's day more special!

* This printable is provided for personal, non-commercial use only.
Check the Site policy at the bottom for further information, Thank you!

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Saturday 14th of November 2015

Thanks for these wonderful labels Joy!! Thanks!!


Sunday 8th of November 2015

Thank you for this! Lovely!


Wednesday 3rd of April 2013

These are so pretty,just seen them but they would look perfect around our wedding invite envelopes, thank you for sharing.


Tuesday 26th of March 2013

I do not know you but I feel that I love you, this is amazing!


Friday 4th of January 2013

I love your site, you have magic hands! thanks for sharing all these patterns!

Greetings from Athenes


Monday 14th of January 2013

Thank you so much Evi, you are too sweet!