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Maybe it’s time to catch up!!

It's not a surprise to many of you that this blog has been VERY silent for what it seemed like forever!! (Maybe because it was!) Right before our Chile vacations in 2014, I decided to take a little break from blogging, it wasn't really something I planned but it kind of just happened, taking care […]


HowJoyful Shop update, cyber monday sale!!

If you follow me on Instagram this might be old news, but I wanted to share some of my new prints. A few months a ago I started playing with chalk and absolutely loved the medium, it's so forgiving and the fact that you can erase and keep erasing it's just awesome. So I wanted […]

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Conner’s first birthday party!!

I know it took me a while to have the time to pos about Conner's birthday party (it was actually last month) but better late than never!! I had so much fun planning his party, specially since I haven't planned a party since our wedding! The inspiration for the party started with Conner's invitations from […]

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The Story behind the #howjoyfulcalendar 2014

If you follow me on Instagram I *might* have overloaded your feed with the sketches of the hand-lettering pieces I've been working for my #howjoyfulcalendar. And you might also already know that my plan is to send over a big part of the profits to a convalescent home in Chile, to help feed abandoned grandpa's […]

Shutterfly photo cube review

I am a big fan of Shutterfly, I actually bought my phone case from them and I've made photo books for family many many times, but one product I never tied until now was the photo cubes. For some reason I thought that they were going to be way too delicate for me (you know […]

Minted stationary review & giveaway!

A few weeks ago I was contacted to review stationary from Minted, the designer in me was doing cartwheels because they have one of the most lovely collection of Designs! The best part!? All of their Design are submitted by independent designers, so the styles and options are set to please every taste =] For […]


Dremel Moto-Saw review and giveaway!

I can't lie! I am extremely excited about this post (eek!) I've been a Dremel lover for years now, actually, while I was in college (working on my Industrial Design degree) my friends called me “Dremel girl” because I used my multipurpose tool for every single prototype project. So when I was contacted to do […]

10 things about me

It's been a while since I've posted anything personal in here and since there are so many new readers (wave, wave!) I think it's a good time to share some things you *might* not know about me =] And to make it fun I'm also sharing some photos Kenny and my best friend Bonnie took […]

Giveaway time!

I was owing you all a little celebration for hitting a 3rd year of blogging adventures here at HowJoyful, well it technically was 2 months a go, but better late than never right??! =] To make this giveaway a little special, I am offering 3 gift certificates that make a $100 value ($50 to the […]